Update on tickets and bookings.

May 28, 2013 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Escalation

Booking and ticket sales for the Rionegro Escalation will open at 12:00 (midday) this Thursday, May 30th. There is going to be brisk demand in the first few days for the popular units (e.g. ISOA, Los Gringos). To try and make sure things go as smoothly as possible here are some things you should know


To manage all this in as fair as way as possible we are going to work from the following principles:

  • We will be open, impartial and even handed – we will describe what we are doing up front, and will not discriminate for or against any player or team.
  • There will be one ticket per booking – we will NOT offer group bookings at this time. However you can come back and make additional bookings if you want.
  • We will only allow cancellations with refunds in exceptional circumstances. The process is described below.
  • We will try to be flexible to meet legitimate player needs – limited ticket moves can be done to facilitate players who want to be in the same unit as their friends.
  • Priority in moves etc will go to those who booked earliest – so someone who booked late should not get into a popular unit which is full, ahead of those why may have been disappointed before.
  • There will be little difficulty moving to a unit that has free places, but moving to a full unit will be dependent on space and game balance and meeting the principles above.

This means that if you are coming as part of a group/team you should discuss how you want to handle it if some or all of you cannot get the unit that you want. If you are part of a team mention that in the comments section of the booking form. And it wouldn’t hurt to list the 2nd Preference and 3rd Preference units you would be interested in as alternatives. Put this information in the comments section of your booking form.

Where to book?

You have two options, online with PayPay, or in airsoft shops for cash.


Tickets are available from this page on the Troops-in-Contact site. This year you will be able to see how many tickets have been booked for each unit in real time (once we open ticket sales). For now you can visit the page, click through to the unit pages and get familiar with it all before Thursday.

Shop/Cash Bookings

We have made arrangements for players to make cash bookings in:

When you go to the shop tell them what you want and they will complete the booking with your details, and make the payment on your behalf.

When to book

On Thursday at 12:00 we will active the booking forms on each unit page. You will have to select a ticket, fill in the booking form, and then make a PayPal payment. When you are finished with PayPal you will receive a confirmation mail, and you will be directed back to this site.

Ticket types

There will be three types of tickets:

  • Discount Price: From May 30th to July 15th you can buy your ticket for a discount price of €50.
  • Standard Price: From July 16th to August 14th you will have to pay the full price of €60.
  • Deposit Only: It is also possible to pay a deposit of €30, and the balance of €30 on the day.

Two types of tickets will be on sale for each unit. Be sure to only pick one! If you pick both, you will be charged for both, but only receive one.

Ticket sales will end on August 14th just before the game, assuming there are any left by then.

Process for Cancellations/Changes etc

If you need to cancel a ticket, or want to move units, then send an email with the information below to:

  • Your booking ID
  • Your name and current unit (in case there is a problem with the booking ID you sent)
  • If you want to cancel
    • Then what is the reason.
  • If you want to move
    • Which unit do you want to move to.
    • Why do you want to move.

We will respond to any requests as soon as possible.

Anything else…

We will keep the demand for tickets under review, and we may offer some additional tickets in certain units provided we feel they can be filled, and it will not impact play balance.

And there is a possibility there might be reinforcements on Sunday morning…

20 Responses to “Update on tickets and bookings.”

  • ben fay says:

    if there was a way to buy the tickets in Airsofteire as it is close to bellurgan park

  • sliabh says:

    We haven’t made official arrangements with them. However if you ask they may be willing to place the booking and pay via PayPal on your behalf.

  • Angelo Samson says:

    I just want to ask what uniform for Intel Special Ops and Los Gringos?

    • sliabh says:

      Hi Angelo. The only uniform requirement we have is for head gear. The ISOA (Special Ops) are required to wear tan or green smeaghs. Los Gringos will wear black wool watch caps when active in the field. The rest of you uniform and loadout is up to you. But we do get sections, and sometimes entire units agreeing to wear something similar.

  • eirez says:

    when to start booking?

    • sliabh says:

      Hi Eirez, as it says at the top, we will open for bookings at 12:00 Midday this Thursday the 30th of May.

  • eirez says:

    thanks sliabh.just getting excited..hahhaha

  • TEKNO says:

    Looking forward to this – last years was an absolute blast!! =] Looking forward too seeing what you pull out of the hat for this one lads =]

  • Julius Bagtasos says:

    Can I book a place for Los Gringos. Thanks

    • sliabh says:

      Hi Julius, tickets will go on sale tomorrow at midday. You can place a booking through the site then.

  • Chris Bellew says:

    Hey Opfor, Just wondering what’s happening regarding Sunday Tickets?

    • sliabh says:

      Hi Chris, we will give more information on that in a few weeks when the dust settles with the weekend bookings.

  • Julius Bagtasos says:

    Was at Hobby Airsoft in Rathcoole yesterday the 30th at 1200 to book for the event but booking codes not thru yet as per staff, had booked for IVth International Brigade and have paid for the ticket, awaiting confirmation.

  • Angelo Samson says:

    any secret group for Republicano: IVth International Brigades?

    • sliabh says:

      Hi Angelo, there will be closed forums for each unit on Airsofter.ie. In a few days once we have sorted any player moves between units we will start giving people access to these.

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