Could you be a Faction Commander?

May 29, 2013 sliabh Game NewsRionegro EscalationUnit information

You are the commander of 2 platoon sized units which are organised into 9 sections. In 30 minutes a three vehicle convoy with vital supplies will arrive for you to escort down the road through your AO.

Area of Operations

Area of Operations

There is an enemy position to the north. This is the base of operations for 30-40 soldiers, though the numbers there will depend on how many are out on patrol or operations at any time. There is an enemy held sanger alongside the road which will have to be cleared to allow the vehicles safe passage. You have a sniper team hidden opposite the sanger, and they have observed 10-15 enemy troops in position there.

There is a village in the west. The last patrol you sent there was nearly wiped out by unknown forces. It is unclear whether these were the enemy or members of the village militia.

You have three sections available for immediate action at your base. Another 2 sections have just returned from patrol and need time to eat and rearm before going back out. One of your unit commanders is in the far side of hill 113 with two more sections. The forest and hill have disrupted radio comms however and you have lost radio contact with them.

The convoy is due here shortly, and you have 90 minutes to get it to the end of the road. What do you do?


If figuring out problems like this interest you them being Faction Commander may be your role.

We are looking for one experienced player to take overall command of the combined Domiguan and Patriota forces and another for the Republicanos. If that person is you, then you would be responsible for providing orders and directions to the two Unit Commanders, and ensuring the Faction achieves its overall objectives.

If you are interested then send an email to

Faction commanders get a free game ticket.

5 Responses to “Could you be a Faction Commander?”

  • Jonathan Kenna says:

    I’ll Volunteer for faction commander,
    Have a few years Airsoft under my belt, have played as section commander and platoon commander roles at mil-sims overseas. Overall commander of US forces at a Dark Mist once.

    • sliabh says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Can you send me an email to the OpFor address giving a bit more information on yourself and what you have done. We can open a discussion then.


    • Jonathan Kenna says:

      Sorry for the split post
      My Most Probable course of action (MPCOA)
      I leave one section on stand too at HQ, while two returning sections recoup, Send two remaining sections out as a patrol with ammo and comms to link up with lost two sections North of hilltop 113
      Their Mission:
      To move NW to FUP at rear to Sanger at (x) Hour and Assault to and destroy all enemy at Sanger with fire support/assistance of Sniper team. Once OPFOR captured/destroyed move Platoon Plus North of Sangar to Point (X) and form a protective screen for Vehicles.
      Once objective is complete, send sniper team to area south of Village to gather Intel, assuming adequate forces available, form up remaining forces and sangar and send fighting patrols to capture or kill unknown combatants
      Course of action (COA) to be determined as events unfold.

      in meantime, I send one section as a standing patrol to observe Right flank from Point 113 E/ SE

  • Ianhackett says:

    Sniper team up on the hill for comms relay and overwatch while bottom 3 sections secure village and set up fire base in location to fire on troops from enemy base or sanger when sniper has relayed message to the other 2 sections they attack he sanger with support from the fire base at the village which will be also holdin back reinforcements from the enemy village once the objectives are taken reorg tye defence on the enemy side of the road against counter and send 1 section back to escort convoy through all the time having overwatch from sniper team

  • sliabh says:

    Ian, Interested in the role?

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