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May 30, 2013 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Escalation

We seem to be over the hump with the booking problems so I have time for an update.

First I want to apologise to everyone for the slowdown earlier. The level of demand, and the response of our system was not what we had expected. We are at the end of the day a pretty small setup, and it wasn’t possible for us to performance test our system. Although even if we were able to, I doubt we would have anticipated the demand we had.

At the end of the day though this is not the experience we want people to have, and I want to say sorry for that. I will update on some of the other problems below.

Unfortunately a lot of people did not get into their first preference units. And people from teams that wanted to play together are finding themselves split across different units.  With over 20 looking for places in ISOA and 40+ chasing spots in Los Gringos a large number of people were always going to be disappointed. The system slow down did not help this.

In the coming weeks we will do what we can to facilitate people moving between units to tidy things up. However it is unlikely that many spaces will open up in in the ISOA or Los Gringos. Can I ask anyone (or any group) who wishes to change from these units to contact us at OpFor.Ireland@gmail.com

A lot of people indicated they were part of a team when they booked. If you did not, please email me and I can make a note on our master list of bookings. I will be contacting “split groups” over the weekend to see how they feel about their position.

If we are moving people into freed up spaces we will work from the order in which all bookings were received. This is the fairest approach we can take at this time. While there still is space in the large Republicano and Domiguan-Patriota units there won’t be a problem moving to these.

I will finish by thanking everyone for the huge level of interest in the event. It is a sign of how well the Rionegro game is regarded. We took more bookings in a hour that we did in 2 weeks last year. But I will repeat my apology that our technical systems were not up to scratch and we have let you down.

–          Seamus (aka Sliabh)

 Other Technical Issues

  • Our Events Manager software was slightly overwhelmed and overbooked the two popular units. We ended up with 11/10 ISOA bookings, and 26/25 for Los Gringos. We are going to let that stand.
  • At least one person put a booking through on last year’s form (available through the archived version of the site). I have emailed him pointing out his mistake, and we will close the link. But if it was you please know that you do not currently have a valid booking. Get in contact and we will sort you out.
  • I left the “TEST SYSTEM THIS IS NOT A REAL BOOKING!!!” in the system, but because of the slow down I couldn’t get in to take it out. Anyone who saw this can ignore it. Your bookings are all valid!
  • The systems is sending multiple confirmation emails. I think people are getting 7 or so per booking, but the details in each are the same though. We are investigating why. The important thing is that PayPal has only charged you once. If this is not the case let us know ASAP.

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