Tickets update Sat 01/06/2013 22:00

June 1, 2013 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Escalation

It is now 58 hours after we opened sales and we have sold 163 tickets – the same number that we sold over three months for Rionegro Initiative last year. The whole team is sort of stunned at the level of demand there has been for the game. At this instant there are just 13 places left – 1 in the Heavies, and 12 in the 25th Light Infantry. I would guess that they will probably be gone tomorrow, and certainly will be sold out by Monday.

We are talking with the Bellurgan guys about releasing an additional block of tickets. If we do this then:

  • We will only do this once, and we would release ~50 tickets.
  • The tickets would be for the 4 large units only:
    • Domiguan 2nd Airborne
    • Heavies
    • 25th Light Infantry
    • IVth International Brigade
  • There will be no more tickets for the ISOA or Los Gringos.

We are going to make a decision and announcement on this during the week. And we will also make a decision on whether we will also release a limited number of “Reinforcements” tickets. These would be for Sunday only. In both cases we need to make sure we can make this work from a game play perspective – we have to be able to handle such numbers, and get new players integrated into the missions and story. And more importantly we need to be able to do it safely – we will need to manage and marshal a group that would be nearly twice the size of last year’s game.

For the moment the focus remains sorting out as many of the booking issues as possible this evening and tomorrow. There will be updates in the coming days.

As an aside on all this, it is interesting is that the more MilSim orientated the unit, the faster it sold out. Hopefully this strong vote for in MilSim will lead to more of these games on sites around the country!

And secondly this is a big vote of confidence from the Irish Airsoft player community in the Rionegro game, and in the great team we have pulled together to organise this. Thank you! Of course, having bought-out all the tickets it now falls to us to deliver!

7 Responses to “Tickets update Sat 01/06/2013 22:00”

  • ben fay says:

    how many places are left in the 25th light infantry and IV international brigrade thanks

    • sliabh says:

      According to the ticket page, which is a live, real time picture of the situation (I use it myself):
      D-P Alliance: D2A 35/35
      D-P Alliance: HEV 36/35
      Republicano: 25LI 24/25
      Republicano: IVIB26/25
      Los Gringos: 26/25
      ISOA: 11/10
      LARP: 1/25

  • ben fay says:

    thanks for that. are you doing extra tickets if so how many

  • sliabh says:

    We are discussing whether we can do additional tickets, how many to offer, how to offer them (we don’t want people struggling with the website again), and when we would release them. If we do though, it will be for the 4 large units only – Domiguan Airborne, Heavies, 25th Light Infantry and IVth International Brigade.

    • Mark Kearns says:

      Any news on the release date for these tickets if you are releasing them

      • sliabh says:

        Sorry I have not been able to come back with information on this yet. Sorting out the bookings has taken a little longer than expected, and now I have had to go on another business trip at short notice. I would say we will make an announcement this week, but I can’t be 100% sure. I am hopeful though.

  • ben fay says:

    thanks man i hope i can go it will be my first 27 hour game as i couldint make it last year

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