We need a volunteer – could you be The Butcher?

June 16, 2013 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Escalation

A key character for this game is going to be the notorious war criminal – Jorge Gallardo aka “El Carnicero” or The Butcher.

This is someone who will be hunted by several of the factions. They will have only partial information on who he is, and will have to follow a chain of leads to try and track him down. And it will be a race to see who can get to him first.

We need a volunteer for this role.

If it is you, then we will share some background character details with you before the game. And we will get some identifying information from you e.g. what type of side arm will you be carrying. After that you will go into the game as a normal player, keeping your alter ego secret, and it will be your objective to stay alive. Outwardly you will be just another player in one of the standard units. You will fight alongside the rest of the players and not even your commander will know your secret. But inside you will know you are one of the most wanted people in Rionegro. At any moment you could captured and interrogated as to your true identity. When you walk around you will never know if a sniper doesn’t already have you in his cross-hair.

Could you handle the stress of knowing that a large number of people are hunting after you. Remember it’s not paranoia if they are out to get you!

If you would like to take on the role of Most-Wanted-Man in Rionegro, then send an email to OpFor.Ireland expressing interest and we will get in touch with you.

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  • sliabh says:

    Some more details I have given the potential volunteers for the role –

    For the person we pick, the main focus will be to avoid getting discovered. Most of the time they will do nothing different than being an ordinary player. The people pursuing him will have some hints as to where he is, and can work on building up a full picture e.g. “he used serve with a guy in the 25th Light Infantry” – and that person can tell that he always carries a beretta as a side arm. etc etc.

    Occasionally the Butcher might have to do something that will potentially expose himself, like go and meet a contact. But the rest of the time it’s about keeping a low profile and worrying that they are coming to get you.

    As a player the volunteer will play as normal and can be shot, bleed out and respawn like any other player. The role will end one of three ways:
    1] You are never found and finish the game unharmed.
    2] You are caught and extracted from the game area by a unit to face “justice” somewhere. Once that happens you will be released back into the game and can continue as a normal player.
    3] You are identified and executed in game. Then you will return to the game as a normal player.

    In the last case we refer to the character as having suffered Permanent-Death. For The Butcher this happens when they are shot between the shoulder blades (coup de grace, sniper, etc). Then the chase ends and the person goes back to being a normal player.

  • sliabh says:

    It is intended for normal player (so you would need to be registered, I don’t think you have a booking?). We would not be discounting the ticket for this person as 95% of the time they won’t do anything different.

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