The final ticket allocation

June 25, 2013 sliabh BookingsGame News

We have taken the booking system offline in preparation for the release of the last game tickets on Thursday.

The bookings page will go live again at 12:00 – Midday with the final release of tickets. We will release 30 tickets then, allocated as follows:

Domiguan-Patriota Alliance:

  • Domiguan 2nd Airborne: 3
  • Patriota Heavies: 16


  • 25th Light Infantry: 9
  • IVth International Brigade: 2


  • Los Gringos: sold out – no more tickets
  • ISOA: sold out – no more tickets.
  • LARP Villagers: 23

These will be the last Airsoft player tickets we make available. When they are gone there will be no more (until next year maybe)!

It is not possible for us to hold tickets for people in advance. And if you are part of a group you should have plan ahead and make sure all of you book the same unit. To keep the game balanced we will have very little scope this time to move players between units after Thursday.

As before our last word is on the LARP tickets. These are intended for those engaging in a LARP style of play. Players will be poorly armed (spring or gas guns only) and will be expected to role-play characters (their own or one we suggest). We will be strongly policing this. Please do not sign up for a LARP slot unless you are happy with this type of role. The civilians are not a militia and will not be combat focused like the Airsoft roles. They will be a very rewarding and enjoyable role if you want to try something different though.

7 Responses to “The final ticket allocation”

  • glen sargent says:

    Hi just wonderning do you have any tickets left for heavies I played the last two times I know its late but I have been over seas and having had a Chance to get tickets earyier I would also like to have a command roles aswell if its not to late to ask .

  • Marco says:

    hi guys, i have problem with my paypal so i wont be able book 2 tickets. any chance you`ll keep 2 tickets for IVth International Brigade or 25th Light Infantry? i was playing both rionegro games on republicano side so i dont wanna miss this one. will pay for those 2 tickets upon arrival on sat morning. mark&paul knows me. thx, marco

  • Marco says:

    really? there are 9 tickets for light infantry so what is what you saying? 9 tickets are up tomorrow noon, but apparently all sold?

  • Marco says:

    oops, my bad, msiread the dates. so no chance to squeeze 2 souls in?

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