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August 30, 2013 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Escalation

One of the things that allows us to deliver such a successful event is all the feedback from players and organisers on what works and what doesn’t. This is very important to us, and we do maintain a document tracking all of the comments, gripes, and suggestions we get. This is one of the first things we look at when we start planning a Rionegro game.

A lot of people have already sent us comments. And Thank-You very much to those that have. Can I ask that anyone else who has an opinion they would like to share to do so as well? You can contact us at, on Airsofter, or on Facebook. Comments will be kept anonymous, but I will respond to everyone who contacts me.

We are keen to hear about:

  • What are the things we didn’t do well? These are the areas we need to change/fix for next time.
  • What things would you like to see in a future game? Within reason what new things can we do?
  • What did you like/love about the game we ran this year? What things in particular tickled your fancy?

My personal feelings were that we ran a very good game, but there is room for improvement.

  • Didn’t do well?
    • The UN role, and in particular their primary mission of hunting for war criminals did not work as planed. We may have over reached here. When they couldn’t investigate as planned their blue hat/black hat rules seemed to just be a way for them to be particularly sneaky and nasty to other units.
    • Similarly some of the LARP elements around the hunt for the butcher proved to be more than a lot of players were comfortable with. No unit made as much progress in the hunt as we had hoped by the time the butcher revealed himself.
    • Our vehicle rules need work. The reality is that even the Bellurgan drivers when concentrating on not running over anyone, and subject to incoming and outgoing fire, struggle to notice a hit from a 40mm grenade shower. We need a better (ideally electronic) vehicle kill system.
    • Communications within factions and units sometimes broke down. This led to confusion, and allegations of betrayal/double crossing. In fact there seems to be an expectation from some players that no one is to be trusted.
  • Like about this year’s game?
    • Organising players into sections worked very well. Many of these knit together excellently, and having distinct groups to direct made the lives of commanders much easier.
    • The set piece battles generated huge fire fights, which didn’t always evolve as people expected.
    • Portaloos, the food shop, and site prep were very welcome.
    • Vehicles added a dynamic element to the game, when they worked well

These are just some of my thoughts. Please send on yours!

2 Responses to “Post Game Feedback”

  • robert devereux says:

    hi guys had a great time at the game the only problem i saw was there was to many factions. I was in the airborne and we had two factions sitting right outside or base and made it very hard to move out of the field we had for our base. Having two main factions and a third faction like the un would have worked better in my view. Looking forward to next year

    • sliabh says:

      Thanks for that Robert. We actually had one less than we did last year! But how we organised them may have caused problems for some units.

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