What’s new (part 1)

March 21, 2014 sliabh BookingsGame NewsRionegro Insurgency

We have changed a few things this year, and in the next few weeks I will let people know a bit more about what to expect from their next visit to Rionegro.

There are a few things about tickets and bookings that people might have picked up from the announcement, and the unit details on the website though. They are worth expanding on:

  • Group Bookings – we are going to allow limited group bookings this year. It will be possible or people to book and pay for 4 tickets at a time. That should ease the load on our server a bit this year.
  • Spec Ops Bookings – We are going to go with a totally new approach for the 10 man Special Ops unit. The details are under the Spec Ops unit description, and I will give a longer update shortly.
  • Vehicle Bookings – This year we will be issuing vehicle tickets for players to bring and use their own transport. The numbers will be limited, there will be restrictions and requirements in place for safety reasons. Again details will follow.
  • Second batch of tickets – in previous years we released a second batch of tickets for the game after the fist lot sold out. We do not plan to do so this year. When they are gone, then that will be it. So don’t hang about come May 14th! There will be about 300 tickets released and based on past form they will be gone within a week or so.

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