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I started to track photos and videos from the 2013 Rionegro Escalation. There are a load I am sure I am missing. If you know of any you don’t see here, let me know and I will add a link.

And of course, if you only have 2 minutes then SmallBike’s video is as good a trailer for the event as you are going to get:



There is a YouTube play list of various videos here.

ISOA deploy to contact by helicopter.

Video of UN captive being brutally murdered following the disastrous attempt to arrest people at the Patriota Heavies base!

UN Special Agent goes through a lengthy charge sheet for a suspect in custody:

Facebook video of hymns being sung at mass. It was a lovely mass.

Just before UN post Zulu was attacked for the 7th and final time it was visited by representatives of the Republicano leadership.

The ISOA pretend to be journalists, and then jack the Humvee.


Auscam’s photos.

Large set of photos from Pariah666

Kim Tully’s photos.

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