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May 9, 2014 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Insurgency

Its an election year in Rionegro, and we need some election posters for Munoz’s Republicanos and the Veron’s Patriotas (as well as possibly the Cara Nova’s “spoil your vote” campaign). This is my quick attempt, can you do better?

Republicano/Munoz Election Poster

Republicano/Munoz Election Poster

We will need posters for publicity, and they will be put up on the site during the event. If you send us something and we use it we will make sure we give you some form of proper “Thank You” as well.

Any poster should mention:

  • Faction and leader: Munoz & Republicano or Veron and Patriota.
  • The date of the election: 16th and 17th of August.
  • Should incorporate the Rionegro flag somewhere.
  • Should ideally be printable at A3.

As this is a poster for civilians fancy military graphics should be avoided. And we don’t have a picture of Munoz or Veron to give you (they are shy).

Email anything you produce to us at OpFor.Ireland@gmail.com, or post a link here or on the event Facebook page.

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