The missing 11 Cara Nova spots

May 14, 2014 sliabh BookingsRionegro Insurgency

A few people have noticed that there were only 39 spots available for La Cara Nova today. This was deliberate.

Last year we got to the stage where we were trying to move people in order to facilitate friends and teams playing together. This turned out to be very difficult to do fairly without unbalancing the units we had. A group of players agreed to help us out though. They gave up their places in a popular unit which they had all managed to secure and agreed to move to one of the bigger ones. That freed up the logjam and a big number of players benefited by then being able to come to the event with those they knew.

As a “thank you” for their help we agreed that we would reserve places in the unit of their choice for the game this year. And that is why La Cara Nova had a smaller number of available places. The unit will still be around 50 players in size on the day.

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