Please use email instead of Facebook messenger.

July 7, 2014 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Insurgency

I am on the road a lot (over 113,000km this year so far) and I keep track of much of what is happening with the game through my phone or tablet. Unfortunately Facebook’s mobile apps are not good. And their messenger service is particularly bad. I often do not get notifications of messages, I get notifications of messages I have already read, and I get notifications of messages which it then will not let me read.

Even on a computer it is a poor system as I cannot forward messages, search them, or use them to build a list of things I need to do for people.

For this reason can I restate my request that for anything other than the most simple queries please, please send everything to me by email. This will make sure that I can sort our your questions and problems, and I will be able to do it faster.


And in case you need it, the email address is:

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