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In game vehicles.

In game vehicles.

Finally we can update on the vehicle tickets and rules for this year’s game. We apologise for the delay in getting these out, but as something very new in Irish Airsoft it took a while to sort out all the details.

Full information is below, but there are a couple of important points to note:

  • We will only be allowing a limited number of vehicles on site.
  • Vehicle owners will have to apply, and it will be at Bellurgan Park’s discretion whether they are accepted or not.
  • There are very strict restrictions on how vehicles can be used. This is the first time we have tried something like this, so not only will rule breaches mean your vehicle will be booted, it also means we may not be able to do this ever again!
  • Every vehicle in use will be required to be fitted with the new Laser Airsoft Weapon System (LAWS), and this will be the primary way of disabling vehicles in game.
  • The cost of the LAWS rental is included in the vehicle ticket cost.

Player Vehicles Tickets

There will be a maximum of 10 operational vehicles allowed on site. This includes the 5 Bellurgan Park site vehicles, so we will be making 5 Player Vehicle tickets available.

There will be two types of Player Vehicle Ticket:

  • Full
  • Restricted

To apply you need to express your interest using this Google Docs Form. The form will be available until Friday the 18th of July. The decision on which Player Vehicles are accepted will be made by Bellurgan Park, and this decision will be final. Successful applicants will be informed by Wednesday 23rd of July.

The cost of the ticket for vehicles which are accepted is €20. This charge goes towards the cost of the LAWS.

Full Vehicle Ticket.

The restrictions and conditions for these tickets are:

  1. Membership of a 4×4 club is required, together with experience off-roading
  2. You must have a suitable vehicle.
  3. The vehicle will undergo a rigorous inspection on site.
  4. If your vehicle gets stuck, you will not be towed out!
  5. Driving permitted through off road forest and field tracks. A map and site orientation will be provided to indicate the areas where the vehicle may be used.

Restricted Vehicle Ticket

  1. Driving is only permitted on gravelled roads and tracks on the south side of the site.
  2. A map will be provided detailing where you can drive.

Static Vehicles

For players who do not get Full or Restricted tickets, or who do not want to drive their vehicle in game, we will also allow Static Vehicles at the faction bases. There is no charge for these, however the vehicle should not be moved during the game. These vehicles should be military looking. So a Hilux technical with a PKM is okay. An “A-Team” van is not!

Vehicle Usage Rules

Players with vehicles will be expected to strictly abide by the vehicle rules. Any breach of these rules will result in a driving ban, any serious breach of these rules will result in a site ban.

Safety must always be the drivers first priority. We are trusting you to drive safely and responsibly.

  1. Only the designated driver may drive.
  2. Speed limits will apply: 20 km/h on paved roads, 5km/h when close to players on foot.
  3. A map will be provided detailing where you can drive.
  4. Passengers must be seated in the vehicle, not on sides etc.
  5. Players outside must not use the vehicle as rolling cover
  6. Vehicle can be used for cover only when stationary with engine off.
  7. Players outside must be 5m away from vehicle with engine on. This increases to 10m for heavy armoured vehicles.

Vehicles and LAWS

Over the last year the “Irish Airsofters Heavy Weapons R&D Group”, led by Jay Collins, Paul Holdstock and Outlaw with AirsoftVT have been busy working on an electronic vehicle hit system. After trials at games in the US, Bellurgan and SimTac the Laser Airsoft Weapon System – LAWS, is now ready for use at the Rionegro Insurgency game.

LAWS Launcher and receiver

LAWS Launcher and receiver

All Player Vehicles will be expected to use this system. It will be the primary way of “killing” Player Vehicles in game. We will provide all the components of the system to players and the required instruction in their use.

The LAWS consists of three components:

  • Launcher – the hand held launcher which simulates an RPG. It is a programmable unit with a range of about 40m. It will have a limited number of shots, and a wait time for reloads between shots.
  • Receiver – The target unit that you shoot at with the receiver. This self contained unit is mounted with magnets on the vehicle roof. It detects the hits and then activates an alarm and flashing lights to let everyone know when there has been a successful kill.
  • Ammo Station – Some player bases will have ammo stations where the launchers can be reloaded.
LAWS receiver on a vehicle

LAWS receiver on a vehicle

The LAWS is built on the Miles Tag system using Arduino technology. And the team hopes that it will be become the standard anti-vehicle and anti-bunker system in use in Irish Airsoft.

You can see more about Outlaw’s work on the system on Facebook and YouTube.

8 Responses to “Vehicle Rules”

  • Kieron Bolt says:

    Hey guys

    So these LAWS, will they need to be rented on the day or can we book them if so how much?


    • sliabh says:

      Hi Kieron, a number of LAWS launchers will be provided to each faction. I would talk to your EM and Unit commander about who will be assigned to use them 🙂

      • Kieron Bolt says:

        Thats great, also will 40mm grenades have any affect at all on vehicles from now on?

        • Pat Noonan says:

          Kieron, my understanding is that in game vehicles can only be taken out using the LAWS system.

  • Andy Elliott says:

    Just throwing this out there for clarification purposes. Once a Vehicle is “hit” with the LAWS system, that vehicle and ALL occupants are now dead? Or is it just the Vehicle? should we be expecting players to bail out the vehicle once hit?

    • sliabh says:

      We will be publishing the updated rules in the next few days which will clarify this. But the plan would be that the vehicle is hit, and the passengers will have to bail out.

  • Michael says:

    Can these Laws be taken from captured enemy players or must they stay with the player who was issued it?

    • sliabh says:

      Good question. They have to stay with the player/team who were issued with them initially. But they can be regarded as disabled until they are returned to their owners base.

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