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This year we will be using the Personal Eye System – PES for all the factions. You can get full details of the system and find the links to download the system from the PES website:


To make this work you will need an Android phone or tablet with GPS functionality (sorry no iOS or Windows devices). PES can them be used to track your position, show points of interest and game objectives. In the faction base your commander will be able to track your location and progress to achieving objectives. He can allocate targets and can issue orders remotely. Commander and sections will be able to share info with each other through the system as well.

How it will work

  • Each faction will have their own PIN for the game. This will ensure that your data remains with your faction only. We will issue the PINs to the EMs and Faction commanders a few days beforehand to make sure they do not “leak” out.
  • To enter the PIN you click on settings – the second button in from the top right corner. Choose “Data Sharing”, and then “PES Server PIN”. After that you will be active.
  • It is very important to download the map in the app before the game begins.
    • Go to the location of Bellurgan Park that you have the full site on the screen
    • Then go to maps – the map icon in the right corner.
    • Long press long on “Google Satellite” and a menu pops up.
    • Choose “Download current view”.
    • Look which one is the “current” view tick the box and all boxes below that and then download it.
  • Under the settings menu you can select “Personal Info” to add your name, rank (Section lead, unit commander, faction commander),  and unit name. These will then be sent to the PC in the HQ.
  • Set the sync interval to 5 minutes or more to save your battery. You can always press the sync now button if there is something important to share, and switch it off when you sleep. We would recommend you get an external batter charger as well. It will keep your device going for the full weekend.
  • Finally if possible make sure your phone is water and shock proof. At a minimum get a case – and try to have the screen towards your body in your pocket – we have seen screen damaged from BBs.

TOCThe full manual for PES is available on the PES App website.


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