Personal Eye System – PES

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This year we will be using the Personal Eye System – PES for all the factions. You can get full details of the system and find the links to download the system from the PES website:


To make this work you will need an Android phone or tablet with GPS functionality (sorry no iOS or Windows devices). PES can them be used to track your position, show points of interest and game objectives. In the faction base your commander will be able to track your location and progress to achieving objectives. He can allocate targets and can issue orders remotely. Commander and sections will be able to share info with each other through the system as well.

How it will work

  • Each faction will have their own PIN for the game. This will ensure that your data remains with your faction only. We will issue the PINs to the EMs and Faction commanders a few days beforehand to make sure they do not “leak” out.
  • To enter the PIN you click on settings – the second button in from the top right corner. Choose “Data Sharing”, and then “PES Server PIN”. After that you will be active.
  • It is very important to download the map in the app before the game begins.
    • Go to the location of Bellurgan Park that you have the full site on the screen
    • Then go to maps – the map icon in the right corner.
    • Long press long on “Google Satellite” and a menu pops up.
    • Choose “Download current view”.
    • Look which one is the “current” view tick the box and all boxes below that and then download it.
  • Under the settings menu you can select “Personal Info” to add your name, rank (Section lead, unit commander, faction commander),  and unit name. These will then be sent to the PC in the HQ.
  • Set the sync interval to 5 minutes or more to save your battery. You can always press the sync now button if there is something important to share, and switch it off when you sleep. We would recommend you get an external batter charger as well. It will keep your device going for the full weekend.
  • Finally if possible make sure your phone is water and shock proof. At a minimum get a case – and try to have the screen towards your body in your pocket – we have seen screen damaged from BBs.

TOCThe full manual for PES is available on the PES App website.




The Rionegro Election

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UN peacekeepers lead a donkey loaded with electoral material as they leave the town of La Digue and head on a 6 hour march to the mountainous town of Michel in Rionegro 6 August, 2014. AFP PHOTO/Michael French

UN peacekeepers lead a donkey loaded with electoral material as they leave the town of La Digue and head on a 6 hour march to the mountainous town of Michel in Rionegro 6 August, 2014. AFP PHOTO/Michael French

Following several postponements due to the war the Rionegro Presidential Election will be held on Sunday August 17th. Here are a few key pointers for people to know:

  • The election is being run by the UN in addition to their other duties. They will be responsible for voter registration, running polling stations and making sure the ballot boxes are safely returned when voting ends. Please give them your support in making sure the election is a success.
  • Voting is open to ALL citizens of Rionegro over the age of 16. UN personnel, foreign combatants, and visitors to the country are not eligible to vote.
  • In order to vote you first need to register. Voter Registration will take place at the UN base on on Saturday and Sunday. Present yourself there and you will be issued with a Voting Card. Only those in possession of a voting card will be able to vote.
  • As this is a war zone and voter safety cannot be guaranteed Polling Stations will only be open from 09:00 to 11:45 on Sunday morning. There are three polling station locations. Registered voters may vote in any of these locations.
    • The Village of San Cristobal.
    • The Village of Jaloque.
    • The UN base.


  • UN Personnel will man each polling station to assist voters and ensure the security, accuracy and fairness of the vote. Please extend them your support.
  • Voters will be asked to choose between the following two candidates. Make sure you know which one you plan to support!
    • Republicano: Tulio Munoz, or
    • Patriota: Samuel Veron
  • Polling stations will close at 11:45 on Sunday. UN personnel will then return the sealed ballot boxes to their base from San Cristobal and Jaloque.

Election Managers have been appointed for each unit and will be able to help you with the process, as well as ensuring the elections are free and fair.



Oficina de Seguridad del Estado de Rionegro – OSER

July 29, 2014 sliabh Game NewsNews from RionegroRionegro Insurgency

SIGINT DIGEST 20/07/2013 22:14Z

To: Gen Mattick
From: Rionegro desk
General, you asked to be copied on developments on the OSER. The following intercepts were gathered this week.
Lt McNeal.



Calling all True Loyal followers of Munoz, and defenders of Rionegro – the OSER needs you!

OSER Recruitment Poster

The OSER is now recruiting the best and brightest to support our Republicano forces. When our brave soldiers go forward, the OSER will be there behind them, driving them on to greatness, all the while defending Rionegro from those who would destroy it from within. We have three vacancies for true Republicanos, of stout heart, to work alongside experienced agents in the field. If you are interested contact your Embedded Marshal or OpFor.

The OSER – the first and last line of defence. Strength and vigilance!



OSER Agent in the field

The vicious murdering thugs of the OSER continue to rampage across the country. You can do your part by executing any you find in the field. They are not people, they are animals and should be put down. Patriota command is offering a bounty of $500 for every one you prove you kill. Just bring in their ID papers and present them to your unit Commander for your reward.

OSER agents will usually be accompanied by a force of Republicano soldiers, and can be recognised by their black uniforms and maroon or red berets.

They are rarely found near the front of Republicano forces, preferring instead to drive their own men into battle from behind with threats of summary execution for disloyalty, petty disciplinary offences, and sometimes just for money.

Do your part for the Patriota Cause – shoot an OSER man today.



Of all the DETESTABLE foes we face in the so called Republicano and Patriota movements, it would be hard to pick one worse that the members of Munoz’s “Oficina de Seguridad del Estado de Rionegro”. His black clad SECRET POLICEMEN have terrorised the people of this country for too long. Their spies, informers and night raids have struck fear and terror into the hearts of the decent people of Rionegro. Who knows when the knock will come on the door in the middle of the night to take away a family member who’s only crime was to fail to praise Munoz, or not adequately curse Veron.

People of Rionegro we hear your cries for JUSTICE! Today La Cara Nova declares that any agents of OSER who are captured will be tried as ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE Rionegro. Those found guilty will be swiftly and PUBLICLY HANGED as a sign of our determination to build a new Rionegro. One where the evil of the past has been swept away.

LCN Poster



Ticket name changes

July 24, 2014 sliabh BookingsGame NewsRionegro Insurgency

On the game day we will only admit the person whose name is on the booking we sold. If you want to sell, swap, handover or lose your ticket in a poker game, then WE MUST BE TOLD the name of the new ticket holder. We can and will refuse access to someone who turns up on the day with a booking that is not in their name.



Know anyone interested in filming the event?

July 19, 2014 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Insurgency

Steve did a great job on filming the Rionegro Insurgency last year (trailer here, and full film here). As he is unavailable this year we are keen to have someone else record the event on video.

If that is you, or you know of anyone who might be interested in doing this, can you ask them to contact me (by email only please: so we can have a discussion.

What is on offer is the chance to get full site and game access to film a big simulated event with over 300 players, vehicles, aircraft, and one or two things which we cannot reveal in public right now. Just thing for a budding documentary film maker or aspiring war correspondent to get stuck into  🙂



A few words on comms, PMRs and mobile phones.

July 15, 2014 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Insurgency

This is something I said on one of the private fora, but it’s worth mentioning here as well.

Most people at the event will use PMR radios. This is great, but please understand the limitations of the technology. And in particular make sure you are bringing a decent handset.

PMRs in general are good but not that great a technology. In theory they have a range of 8km, but then in theory a mobile phone has a range of 50km*. The reality is that that range is for a lab quality set up, line of sight, and absolutely perfect stratospheric conditions. Out in the real world you can half that straight away. And then halve it again every time one of the following applies:

  • Poor weather (rain, fog, snow)
  • Hilly ground between you the other person
  • Wooded ground
  • Buildings/built up areas.

And then half it again for having gear that is not good. Add all of those things up and you shouldn’t be surprised when you can’t get comms to work with someone a couple of hundred meters from your position.

Radios in general are one of those things where you get what you pay for. There is a reason Motorola are a world leader in this space (about 60% market share, even the Chinese police I saw in Tiananmen square use Motorolas). Bargain Aldi/Lidl radios are cheap for a reason. Worse – you will find that not only do you have poor comms, but they also can interfere with everyone else’s as well as transmissions bleed over into adjacent bands. If what you have is an Aldi/Lidl/Argos (e.g. silvercrest) one then it would be best to leave it at home.

In general unless you know what you are doing radio comms should be left to the section leads and the unit commanders. And they should have at least something like a Motorola XTR466.

All that being said, PMR is still cheap, it’s unlicensed, it’s widely available and it’s easy to use. Just understand its limitations. And don’t buy/bring crap radios!

It’s worth mentioning as well that we have no problem with people using mobiles for inter unit communications. And in some cases such “simulated satellite phones” are the preferred game option.

* Disclosure I work in the mobile business.



Updates to rules and recommended equipment

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We have updated the game rules for 2014. The list of changes is at the top of the page.

Some small changes have also been made to the list of Recommended Equipment.

If you have any questions then feel free to post them below!



Vehicle Rules

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In game vehicles.

In game vehicles.

Finally we can update on the vehicle tickets and rules for this year’s game. We apologise for the delay in getting these out, but as something very new in Irish Airsoft it took a while to sort out all the details.

Full information is below, but there are a couple of important points to note:

  • We will only be allowing a limited number of vehicles on site.
  • Vehicle owners will have to apply, and it will be at Bellurgan Park’s discretion whether they are accepted or not.
  • There are very strict restrictions on how vehicles can be used. This is the first time we have tried something like this, so not only will rule breaches mean your vehicle will be booted, it also means we may not be able to do this ever again!
  • Every vehicle in use will be required to be fitted with the new Laser Airsoft Weapon System (LAWS), and this will be the primary way of disabling vehicles in game.
  • The cost of the LAWS rental is included in the vehicle ticket cost.

Player Vehicles Tickets

There will be a maximum of 10 operational vehicles allowed on site. This includes the 5 Bellurgan Park site vehicles, so we will be making 5 Player Vehicle tickets available.

There will be two types of Player Vehicle Ticket:

  • Full
  • Restricted

To apply you need to express your interest using this Google Docs Form. The form will be available until Friday the 18th of July. The decision on which Player Vehicles are accepted will be made by Bellurgan Park, and this decision will be final. Successful applicants will be informed by Wednesday 23rd of July.

The cost of the ticket for vehicles which are accepted is €20. This charge goes towards the cost of the LAWS.

Full Vehicle Ticket.

The restrictions and conditions for these tickets are:

  1. Membership of a 4×4 club is required, together with experience off-roading
  2. You must have a suitable vehicle.
  3. The vehicle will undergo a rigorous inspection on site.
  4. If your vehicle gets stuck, you will not be towed out!
  5. Driving permitted through off road forest and field tracks. A map and site orientation will be provided to indicate the areas where the vehicle may be used.

Restricted Vehicle Ticket

  1. Driving is only permitted on gravelled roads and tracks on the south side of the site.
  2. A map will be provided detailing where you can drive.

Static Vehicles

For players who do not get Full or Restricted tickets, or who do not want to drive their vehicle in game, we will also allow Static Vehicles at the faction bases. There is no charge for these, however the vehicle should not be moved during the game. These vehicles should be military looking. So a Hilux technical with a PKM is okay. An “A-Team” van is not!

Vehicle Usage Rules

Players with vehicles will be expected to strictly abide by the vehicle rules. Any breach of these rules will result in a driving ban, any serious breach of these rules will result in a site ban.

Safety must always be the drivers first priority. We are trusting you to drive safely and responsibly.

  1. Only the designated driver may drive.
  2. Speed limits will apply: 20 km/h on paved roads, 5km/h when close to players on foot.
  3. A map will be provided detailing where you can drive.
  4. Passengers must be seated in the vehicle, not on sides etc.
  5. Players outside must not use the vehicle as rolling cover
  6. Vehicle can be used for cover only when stationary with engine off.
  7. Players outside must be 5m away from vehicle with engine on. This increases to 10m for heavy armoured vehicles.

Vehicles and LAWS

Over the last year the “Irish Airsofters Heavy Weapons R&D Group”, led by Jay Collins, Paul Holdstock and Outlaw with AirsoftVT have been busy working on an electronic vehicle hit system. After trials at games in the US, Bellurgan and SimTac the Laser Airsoft Weapon System – LAWS, is now ready for use at the Rionegro Insurgency game.

LAWS Launcher and receiver

LAWS Launcher and receiver

All Player Vehicles will be expected to use this system. It will be the primary way of “killing” Player Vehicles in game. We will provide all the components of the system to players and the required instruction in their use.

The LAWS consists of three components:

  • Launcher – the hand held launcher which simulates an RPG. It is a programmable unit with a range of about 40m. It will have a limited number of shots, and a wait time for reloads between shots.
  • Receiver – The target unit that you shoot at with the receiver. This self contained unit is mounted with magnets on the vehicle roof. It detects the hits and then activates an alarm and flashing lights to let everyone know when there has been a successful kill.
  • Ammo Station – Some player bases will have ammo stations where the launchers can be reloaded.
LAWS receiver on a vehicle

LAWS receiver on a vehicle

The LAWS is built on the Miles Tag system using Arduino technology. And the team hopes that it will be become the standard anti-vehicle and anti-bunker system in use in Irish Airsoft.

You can see more about Outlaw’s work on the system on Facebook and YouTube.



Please use email instead of Facebook messenger.

July 7, 2014 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Insurgency

I am on the road a lot (over 113,000km this year so far) and I keep track of much of what is happening with the game through my phone or tablet. Unfortunately Facebook’s mobile apps are not good. And their messenger service is particularly bad. I often do not get notifications of messages, I get notifications of messages I have already read, and I get notifications of messages which it then will not let me read.

Even on a computer it is a poor system as I cannot forward messages, search them, or use them to build a list of things I need to do for people.

For this reason can I restate my request that for anything other than the most simple queries please, please send everything to me by email. This will make sure that I can sort our your questions and problems, and I will be able to do it faster.


And in case you need it, the email address is:



Mystery deepens around the location of Daniel O’Byrne’s Bones.

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Daniel O'Byrne - Father of Rionegro, San Soles and Domigua.

Daniel O’Byrne – Father of Rionegro, San Soles and Domigua.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

by Ignacio Smith

San Soles, Rionegro (La Nacion):

Authorities in the Rionegro Capital of San Soles have confirmed that they do not know the location of the remains of Daniel O’Byrne, the so called “Father of Riongro”. Rumours has been circulating in the city for several weeks that the most famous occupant of the National Mausoleum was missing, but officials had avoiding avoiding answering questions on the matter until now.

Daniel O’Byrne was an Irish man who had emigrated to the region in 1815. While Simon Bolivar was leading the wars which toppled the Spanish Empire further south in Latin America, General O’Byrne led the uprisings which gave independence to Rionegro, and the neighbouring countries of Domigua and San Soles. Revered in each country as a near saint, and almost mythological figure, his remains had lain in the capital of Rionegro. However their current whereabouts is no longer known.

A source within the Republicano government, who did not wish to be named, admitted that the body had been removed from the mausoleum for safe keeping at the start of the ongoing civil war. It was transferred to a secret and supposedly secure location. However a recent check, spurred by the persistent rumours that the body was not longed in the city, revealed that it had been removed by an unknown party and is now missing.

As a revered hero of Rionegro, Domigua and San Soles there is speculation that his remains may have been taken to bolster the credentials of one of the warring factions or neighbouring countries, or just to damage the credibility of the Republicanos. Possession of Daniel O’Byrne’s body could be seen to give a boost in legitimacy to which ever group is in control of them.

One thing is sure, in a small country like Rionegro, where gossip and rumour have always been the death of any conspiracy the location of O’Byrnes Bones will not remain a secret for long!



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