From the people who brought you the Rionegro Mandate comes ...


Rionegro continues to be ravaged by civil war. President Catano remains in a coma. Former Vice President Munoz heads the Republicanos who hold most of the south of the country, including the political capital San Pedro. In the north, General Veron leads his "Patriota" Government of Rionegro from the commercial capital of San Luis. Following 18 months of often brutal fighting, neither has been able to dominate on the battlefield.

Now, after several weeks of preparation, Munoz's Republicanos have mounted a large offensive with the aim of seizing key positions in Rionegro, and breaking the Patriota army. The push has comprised a series of rapid thrusts against high value objectives. These have had mixed results. The most successful in the centre of the country has led to the city of San Luis on the Rionegro river being encircled and cut off.

In the east the Republicanos are attempting to reach the Lomo Plata mining region through Patriota held territory. After several days of rapid advance the leading elements have arrived just outside the village of Astroga at the foot of hill 143. With their flanks exposed, and having lost contact with their supply lines, the advance has been halted for the moment. Time is needed to consolidate gains, and bring up supplies. Tomorrow the advance will resume. That is, unless the Patriotas can reorganise themselves enough to counter attack and halt it. But there is more than just the fate of the advance at stake around Hill 143 ...

What is this: A story driven, 27 hour airsoft event with ammo limits, simple medic rules, and pre-assigned teams. This is not a full MilSim, but there will be opportunities for LARPing and more. We continue to want to give people something different to the usual weekend skirmish. This is a chance for players from all around the country to meet new people, and play in a bigger event without having to travel abroad.

Last year's event had over 150 people. We expect this one to be even bigger.

Where: Bellurgan Park, Dundalk, Co. Louth. Bellurgan Park provides us with over 130 acres of beautiful natural woodland as well as open and hilly ground, purpose-built structures, trails, roads, and vehicles in play. Designated in-game and out-of-game camping areas are provided, along with a range of facilities including running water and permanent toilets.

When: August 18th and 19th.

How long:

  • Sign in and chrono: Friday 18:00 to 00:00, Saturday 09:00 to 12:00
  • Game WILL start: Saturday 11:00
  • Game end: Sunday 15:00, followed by a post-game BBQ.

How much: €60; €50 with discount for early registration, which includes the post game BBQ.

Registration: Will open on Friday June 1st at 12:00.

Age limit and other restrictions: Over 16's only, and mid cap magazines only. NO HI-CAP winding mags this year. As Rionegro is subject to a UN backed arms embargo and no fly zone, players cannot bring aircraft, heavy weapons or armoured vehicles. Small arms and support weapons only. Bio-BBs are required and will be available on site.

Camping: Camping will be possible on site from Friday night, with toilets and showers.

What are the factions:

  • Munoz' Republicanos, made up of scout troops, light infantry, heavy weapons specialists and the feared penitents punishment unit.
  • Veron's Patriotas, comprising heavy infantry, recon forces, and a unit of private military contractors.
  • The Astroga Revolutionary Militia.

¡Viva la República de Rionegro!