From the people who brought you the Ops Weekend, Badlands, the Aftermath series, Full Brazillian and others comes ...


Rionegro is a nation in turmoil. Its beloved President Catano lies in a coma after a hunting accident and the vice president, Munoz, has taken power in his stead. His recent reforms were ill recieved though, many believing Catano would never have supported them. Amidst protests and riots, Munoz took emergency powers to restore order but the legality of this was challenged. The military split between those loyal to Munoz (a former officer) and those, led by the highly respected General Veron, who believe it is their duty to defend the constitution. The split widened and a polarised nation has fallen into civil war.

Backed by the UN the international community has enforced a no-fly zone and an arms embargo. Rumours persist though that Rionegro's neighbours are providing support to different factions in this dirt poor but mineral rich country. With the collapse of law and order, fighting and looting has made life precarious for civilians. Many have formed militias to defend themselves. And there are reports that western corporations have been bringing in mercenaries to protect their interests.

In the west of Rionegro, beside the village of Cocoma, under the shadow of the Colina Trompeta, forces from both sides gather for a key battle in the war ...

What is this: A story driven, 27 hour airsoft event with ammo limits, simple medic rules, and pre-assigned teams. This is not a full MilSim, but there will be opportunities for LARPing and more. We want to give people something different to the usual weekend skirmish. We hope to develop the airsoft scene in Ireland by offering players from all around the country a chance to meet new people, and play in a bigger event without having to travel abroad.

Where: Bellurgan Park, Dundalk, Co. Louth. Bellurgan Park provides us with over 130 acres of beautiful natural woodland as well as open and hilly ground, purpose-built structures, trails, roads, and vehicles in play. Designated in-game and out-of-game camping areas are provided, along with a range of facilities including running water and permanent toilets.

When: 18th and 19th of June.

How long: Sign in, chrono, and gear up from 09:00 on Saturday, game WILL start 12:00, game finish 15:00 Sunday.

How much: €55 for the full weekend; €20 deposit required upon registration. Booking is now closed.

Age limit and other restrictions: Over 16's only. As Rionegro is subject to a UN backed arms embargo and no fly zone, players cannot bring aircraft, heavy weapons or armoured vehicles. Small arms and support weapons only. Bio-BBs are required and will be available on site.

Camping: Camping will be possible on site, with toilets and showers.

¡Viva la República de Rionegro!