Rionegro Ultimatum 2015The Rionegro Civil War is coming to an end. After the failure of the elections to bring peace, and appalled at the continuing humanitarian catastrophe the International Community has been spurred to direct action. Backed by the UN an international coalition has carried out a major “Peacemaking” operation with targeted operations to separate the factions and undermine their fighting power. Unable to achieve a total victory, weakened, and with the writing on the wall the Republicano and Patriota factions have agreed to a ceasefire from 15:00 on Sunday the 16rd of August.

But before then there are scores to settle, there is a last chance to take advantage of the disruption of the war before law and order is restored. And each side needs to take some final objectives in order to strengthen their position for the peace talks. Rionegro will finally have peace, but there will be one last burst of chaos.

Where: Bellurgan Park, Dundalk, Co. Louth.

When: August 15th and 16th, 2015.

How long:

  • Sign-in and chrono: Friday 18:00 to 00:00, Saturday 07:30 to 10:00.
  • Game WILL start: 12:00 Saturday.
  • Game end: 15:00 Sunday, followed by post game BBQ.

Age limit and other restrictions:

  • Over 16′s only, and mid cap magazines only.
  • NO HI-CAP winding mags.
  • Bio-BBs are required and will be available on site.
  • In line with Irish legislation all Airsoft guns must be under 1 joule.

How much: €60, €50 with discount for early registration, which includes the post game BBQ. Tickets for LARP players, who will have restrictions on the guns they can carry, will be €30. Information on Player vehicles tickets will be given later.

Bookings: Will open on Wednesday June 10th at 12:00.

Camping: Camping will be possible on site from Friday night, with toilets and showers.

Factions and Units:

  • The Patriotas
    • The Heavies – 100 places.
    • Players will be allocated amongst three units,General Infantry, a Mechanised Infantry quick reaction force and Comandos de Seguridad.
  • Republicanos
    • Presidential 25th Light Infantry – 100 places.
    • Players will be allocated amongst General Infantry, Motorised Infantry and the Unidad de Misiones Especiales.
  • UN Intervention Force in Rionegro
    • UN Intervention Force in Rionegro – 50+ places.
    • Rionegro Defence Militia – 50+ places.
    • Players will be allocated between the UN International force, and Rionegro Defence Militia.

Would you like to know more?

More information, including detailed descriptions of factions and units, updated rules, how to apply for leadership roles, and how to pre-book is provided on the official website:http://www.troops-in-contact.com

The official game forum is at:

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Our Email address for any questions, suggestions, offers of help etc. is:


Look at the contacts page for details of other internet locations where we will be sharing game information.

¡Viva la República de Rionegro!

16 Responses to “Ultimatum”

  • Garry says:

    hi iv just read the rules on support gunners , but as a support gunner i use a

    HK 416 M27 IAR , the marine corp replacement for the m249 ,

    i do not use box mags , i use hi-caps, to a max, of 1200 rounds , the rules say 1500 rounds , will i need to get an electric box mag ? , i can get mid caps, but that means i will have to carry up to 10 mid cap mags ,

    • sliabh says:

      Two parts to the response here. First hi-caps are totally banned. They cannot be used on site.

      Electric box mags are the only high capacity mag allowed. However they can only be used on a full size support gun like a M249/SAW. I understand this may not align with real life, however we have the same problem with the MG36. In real life these guns have heavier barrels which make carrying them a mor serious proposition. In the airsoft world the differences are cosmetic. And from a practical point of view it will appear to other players that some people then are mounting electric box mags in “normal” rifles. For these reasons you will have to go mid-caps, and still be bound by the 600 bb limit.

      • Garry says:

        of course i will meet your requirements ,

        but as a matter of fact, my M27 infantry Support Rifle weighs more then any rifle on the market , it does not make for easy carrying ,it is a full blown modern support weapon.

        maybe for future events , you guys should be abit more modern towards the latest equipment that is in theater right now ,

        thanks for the quick response , new load-out inbound ,

  • Martin Fehilly says:

    Hello.. I missed out on the booking yesterday due to work. Any chance i an get in with the heavies as i have played on that unit last few years, also i am with the craic squad and they are all in that unit.. Hope ye can help me out ,,

  • wolfe says:

    hey wondering can a small shotgun be considered as a secondary or is that considered a primary?

  • Paddy says:

    Hey guys I’m thinking of joining the UN cause the rest of the groups are full, are there any double agent spots where I can join a group and try and gather intel I like that sort of work 😛 Just wondering thanks 😀

    • Paddy 2.0 says:

      So what your saying is…. Don’t trust anyone called paddy……

      • Pat says:

        Paddy the UN faction are a military peace enforcement force and will have a lot of LARPing and interaction with other groups.

        We will have allies but orders can change(though that works just as much for them)

        You will always be identified as UN though by your headgear and it is against the game rules to pretend to be any other faction.

  • jordan says:

    Hi i was just wondering do you need specfic weapons for a specfic team

    • sliabh says:

      There are no gun requirements for any of the units (other than civilians who may only use gas or spring guns). We strictly enforce the ammo and magazine restrictions though. These are all given in the rules.

  • Conor says:

    I’m in the UN but have not received and email. Also if I have a helmet can I put blue duck tape on it so that I can wear it at the event ?

    • Ben says:

      Sky blue head gear and black watch caps for UN headgear and its only the Republicanos that can have helmets

      • Patrick Noonan says:

        UN can wear helmets during the day but only if they are entirely UN Sky Blue and not any other shade of blue.

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