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June 25, 2013 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Escalation

We are very pleased to be able to announce our two Faction Commanders for the Rionegro Escalation. Chris Morris will be responsible for leading the Domiguan-Patriota Alliance, and Daniel O’Connor for the Republicanos.

Chris and Daniel bring a combined 20 years Airsoft experience with them, and both have had successful MilSim command roles at Berget in Sweden, TA Events and Brittac games in the UK, and in Ireland. Detailed profiles of Daniel and Chris are below (as well as their mug shots).

As the Faction Commanders, these two volunteers will work with their Embedded Marshals (EM) and Unit Commanders (UC) to try achieve their Faction’s objectives, and to ensure all players have an excellent event. Some of the things that you will see them doing are:

  • Working with the EMs on UC selection. This will be done once we have the final player lists – probably about 90 seconds after the last tickets go on sale on Thurday 27th 🙂
  • Selecting initial Section Leaders with the UCs, and section planning and organisation – how many recon, support, or rifleman sections do we need? Who will be in them? Do we have enough support guns etc?
  • Deployment planning and organisation – how to get 250 people to start positions in 60 minutes.
  • Mission planning with UCs and EMs, prior to the game, briefing and discussing tactics with players on the unit forums.
  • Unit and player readiness
    • Checking equipment across the unit e.g. who has a GPS, binoculars, a shovel, AEG tools etc.
    • Roles and organisation – who are the snipers or the runners, who takes recon roles, what are the radio channel allocations?
  • In Game they will also do:
    • Faction mission planning with UCs, in particular the large set piece battles.
    • Player liaison with the EM – are people busy, are they having fun? They will also watch for problems around the rules either confusion or rule breaking which will be reported to the EMs.
    • And expect them to be nagging players about the post game base clean up!

There is a lot there but they will be supported by the EMs and UCs. And remember they are volunteers, so be nice to them! 🙂


Republicano Faction Commander

Daniel O'Connor: Republicano Faction Commander

Daniel O’Connor: Republicano Faction Commander

Name: Dan O’Connor username: TheDoc

Age: 25

Occupation: Software Analyst and Consultant

Airsoft experience: Started Airsoft in 2006 and after a few months of general skirmishing my interested shifted into more MilSim based games.

My experience includes section command in MilSim events in Ireland, the UK and Sweden, as well as platoon level command in TA event games. I’ve attended the previous two Rio events in a specialised role and section command post. I’ve also been involved in a large number of Irish site based MilSims over the years. 

Highlights: Operating as a section commander in Berget, working closely with Platoon and Brigadier commanders was an immense learning experience. Operated for a number of years within a highly MilSim focused and high standard airsoft team.

I take a personal pride in self improvement in Airsoft, and making myself a better player. I acknowledge good form and ability around me from others, and am dedicated to matching that standard to be as skill full on the field, as well as honourable in my play. MilSim is an in-depth, detailed world, much more then a skirmish. I always try to ensure players get that experience, and get to experience all the different aspects to fully appreciate its value, and hopefully have them come back for more. 

Domiguan-Patriota Alliance Faction Commander

Chris Morris: Domiguan-Patriota Alliance, Faction Commander

Chris Morris: Domiguan-Patriota Alliance, Faction Commander

Name: Chris Morris username: Redgadger

Age: 29

Occupation: Trainer
Airsoft experience: 13 years between the UK and Ireland mainly focusing on MilSim for the last 7 years.

Highlights: Two enjoyable years with Cork Airsoft Club

Support/Command staff for 5 TA Event weekends ranging from 200 to 400+ participants.

Faction commander for Brittac events.

In general I focus on Airsoft as an experience rather than a competitive activity and that you get as much out of something as you put in, this is why I gravitated towards assisting organizers with events.

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