Rionegro Patriotas offering bounties for dead secret policemen.

August 13, 2013 sliabh News from Rionegro

Al Jazeera

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The Rionegro town of Cruz Verde was in turmoil last night, after Patriota forces staged an ambush on a group of Republicano Oficina de Seguridad del Estado de Rionegro (OSER) agents. This follows a report that the Patriota command is offering bounties of $100 for the death of OSER personnel.

The reports came from a cache of secret military files which were made available to the New York Times by whistle-blower foundation Wikileaks. The files provide a devastating portrait of the civil war in Rionegro. They contain a blow by blow transcript of a discussion between senior Patriota military commanders, where they describe the OSER agents as “violent sociopaths” and “corrupt extremists” who are the lyncpin of Munoz control over Republicano Rionegro. Further documents suggest that Patrtiota command has issued a $100 ‘reward’ to their soldiers for any OSER agent that they can kill. UN officials fear this will drive indiscriminate attacks on OSER agents and civilians will be caught in the crossfire.

The Patriota military command has denied the allegations, claiming the reports to be completely fabricated.
Republicano General Manual Jose de Sinola, head of the Oficina de Seguridad de Estado de Rionegro, has condemned the Patriota’s, claiming they had “reached a new low in their hopeless struggle”. He continued: “Under my command I have transformed this Office into an elite, intelligent, effective security force, dedicated defending Rionegro from it’s enemies, and from the so called ‘Patriota’ traitors” he told reporters.

General Sinola declined to comment on the dismissal and actions of former OSER agent Jorge Gallardo, aka “The Butcher”. Gallardo is alleged to have ordered the torture and execution of both soldiers and civilians during his time with the OSER, as well as claiming responsibility for the bombing of passenger bus that killed 17 people.

The OSER, recognisable in Rionegro in their black uniforms, often with maroon berets, were formely a special investigation unit in the fedral police. Shortly after he assumed power President Munoz set about transforming them into a key element of his security aparatus. They had already gained a reputation for ruthlessness prior to the leak of these documents.

The reports contain some colourful descriptions of the OSER by Patriota officers: “like the KGB, but without the class.”, “Munoz’s hit squad”, “they used to be corrupt and inefficient, well they are not inefficient any more”.

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