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Last year one of the big headaches with managing bookings was trying to understand who were the people in teams and groups that wanted to stick together. We had to do a lot of re-work when we started allocating people to sections within the Factions and Units they had booked.

So I am going to ask for some help this year.

If you are part of a group that is planning to attend the Rionegro Insurgency can I ask you to:

  • Agree on a name for the group if you don’t already have one. Something that I can use to easily identify you.
  • Identify a single contact person for the group who I can deal with once the booking process opens and if there are issues.
  • Get the contact person to send me an email (to the address below) with
    • Name of your group.
    • Name of the contact person.
    • Phone number and preferred email address of the contact person.

It would be a help as well if they can give me some idea of the number of people that are expected to be in the group.

When bookings open on May 14th the booking form will have an optional field for “Group Name” and in that will be all the team/group names that I have received.

That will be an optional field. You don’t have to book with a group, individuals are very welcome! And even if you are in a group you can contact me directly with any query or problem. This is just intended to make it easier for us to keep people together when we allocate people to units and sections within their chosen factions.

And so we are clear this does not pre-book or guarantee a place for any player or team. You still have to go through the normal booking process!

Feel free to start sending in your group names to me today at:

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