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If you are still deciding which unit to go for, we have plenty of information on the different game units here on the website.

At this stage it looks like there is heavy demand for the La Cara Nova, with over 70 people already expressing an interest in getting some of the 50 places. If you are after a spot in this unit I would suggest you have a discussion with your friends on an alternative if it sells out quickly.

There is some demand for the UN as well. Please be clear that they will work very differently to how they were handled last year. Instead the UN will perform much like all the other factions this year. There are no hidden missions, or special rules associated with them (so nothing like the headgear swapping). They will be played the same as any other unit. And we are expecting them to be just as disliked as previously, so anyone applying for this unit be prepared to be shot at (and shoot back) a lot 🙂

The Patriotas and Republicanos remain popular as always. We will have to see which one fills up first this year (the 25th Light Infantry won by a nose there last time).

It looks like we have a full compliment for the Special Operations side as well. Players for that unit will be informed this weekend.

8 Responses to “Which unit”

  • otmmyboy2 says:

    Question: You say the will work very differently this year compared to last year, does that mean that there will still be an amount of larping?
    Thanks and looking forward to this extravaganza so much! 😀

    • sliabh says:

      Yes there should be quite a bit of Larping with them. The UN are heavily involved with the civilians, they can try and solve issues with the Patriotas and Republicanos by talking rather than shooting, and there is the question of the insurgents – La Cara Nova. They are going to have to figure out what sort of relationship they will have with them.

  • otmmyboy2 says:

    *the UN

  • Klex says:

    I would say that less popular unit is Heavies. 🙁
    It was really tough to play last year. I wish all best to commander as it is not easy unit to be commanded.

  • GG says:

    Have the places for the spec-ops been decided yet, and will we receive an email regardless of selection or not?

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