Mystery deepens around the location of Daniel O’Byrne’s Bones.

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Daniel O'Byrne - Father of Rionegro, San Soles and Domigua.

Daniel O’Byrne – Father of Rionegro, San Soles and Domigua.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

by Ignacio Smith

San Soles, Rionegro (La Nacion):

Authorities in the Rionegro Capital of San Soles have confirmed that they do not know the location of the remains of Daniel O’Byrne, the so called “Father of Riongro”. Rumours has been circulating in the city for several weeks that the most famous occupant of the National Mausoleum was missing, but officials had avoiding avoiding answering questions on the matter until now.

Daniel O’Byrne was an Irish man who had emigrated to the region in 1815. While Simon Bolivar was leading the wars which toppled the Spanish Empire further south in Latin America, General O’Byrne led the uprisings which gave independence to Rionegro, and the neighbouring countries of Domigua and San Soles. Revered in each country as a near saint, and almost mythological figure, his remains had lain in the capital of Rionegro. However their current whereabouts is no longer known.

A source within the Republicano government, who did not wish to be named, admitted that the body had been removed from the mausoleum for safe keeping at the start of the ongoing civil war. It was transferred to a secret and supposedly secure location. However a recent check, spurred by the persistent rumours that the body was not longed in the city, revealed that it had been removed by an unknown party and is now missing.

As a revered hero of Rionegro, Domigua and San Soles there is speculation that his remains may have been taken to bolster the credentials of one of the warring factions or neighbouring countries, or just to damage the credibility of the Republicanos. Possession of Daniel O’Byrne’s body could be seen to give a boost in legitimacy to which ever group is in control of them.

One thing is sure, in a small country like Rionegro, where gossip and rumour have always been the death of any conspiracy the location of O’Byrnes Bones will not remain a secret for long!

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