Oficina de Seguridad del Estado de Rionegro – OSER

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SIGINT DIGEST 20/07/2013 22:14Z

To: Gen Mattick
From: Rionegro desk
General, you asked to be copied on developments on the OSER. The following intercepts were gathered this week.
Lt McNeal.



Calling all True Loyal followers of Munoz, and defenders of Rionegro – the OSER needs you!

OSER Recruitment Poster

The OSER is now recruiting the best and brightest to support our Republicano forces. When our brave soldiers go forward, the OSER will be there behind them, driving them on to greatness, all the while defending Rionegro from those who would destroy it from within. We have three vacancies for true Republicanos, of stout heart, to work alongside experienced agents in the field. If you are interested contact your Embedded Marshal or OpFor.

The OSER – the first and last line of defence. Strength and vigilance!



OSER Agent in the field

The vicious murdering thugs of the OSER continue to rampage across the country. You can do your part by executing any you find in the field. They are not people, they are animals and should be put down. Patriota command is offering a bounty of $500 for every one you prove you kill. Just bring in their ID papers and present them to your unit Commander for your reward.

OSER agents will usually be accompanied by a force of Republicano soldiers, and can be recognised by their black uniforms and maroon or red berets.

They are rarely found near the front of Republicano forces, preferring instead to drive their own men into battle from behind with threats of summary execution for disloyalty, petty disciplinary offences, and sometimes just for money.

Do your part for the Patriota Cause – shoot an OSER man today.



Of all the DETESTABLE foes we face in the so called Republicano and Patriota movements, it would be hard to pick one worse that the members of Munoz’s “Oficina de Seguridad del Estado de Rionegro”. His black clad SECRET POLICEMEN have terrorised the people of this country for too long. Their spies, informers and night raids have struck fear and terror into the hearts of the decent people of Rionegro. Who knows when the knock will come on the door in the middle of the night to take away a family member who’s only crime was to fail to praise Munoz, or not adequately curse Veron.

People of Rionegro we hear your cries for JUSTICE! Today La Cara Nova declares that any agents of OSER who are captured will be tried as ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE Rionegro. Those found guilty will be swiftly and PUBLICLY HANGED as a sign of our determination to build a new Rionegro. One where the evil of the past has been swept away.

LCN Poster

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