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August 14, 2014 sliabh Game NewsRionegro InsurgencyRules

Because there has been some confusion on this its worth explaining in a bit more detail what the rules are around concealed weapons, typing people up and knife kills.

The two principles here are:

  • Once your hands are tied you cannot use any weapon, knife, tool, equipment etc AT ALL. you cannot even use an undiscovered knife to untie yourself/cut your bonds. Being tied up is AN ABSOLUTE end to any activity other than walking/sitting.
  • Once you have been searched and any concealed weapon is discovered then it cannot be used by you. Remember there are two types of search
    • Physical – with your consent you are physically searched for any items. What is not found remains yours and usable.
    • Virtual Strip Search – takes 5 minutes. You may no longer use any weapon concealed or not, discovered or not.

What this means is, If you are captured and

  • They have not tied your hands
  • You have a concealed weapon (you must actually have a prop knife which has been approved at the chrono)
  • They have not found your concealed weapons (did not do a strip search, or failed to find them in a physical search)
  • Then you CAN use a gun, or draw a knife and use it for a knife kill.

However if you are captured and

  • Your hands are tied (you are given a cable tie loop to hold).
  • Your weapon is found in a physical search.
  • You are subjected to a virtual strip search.
  • Then you CANNOT use any knife or gun in your possession.

4 Responses to “Concealed weapons”

  • sandy turner says:

    what if you can break the bond,
    by this I mean snap the cable tie if they us lide’s brand or untie a knot with your teeth if a lace or rope is used.
    can you make a break for it or us a weapon or are the weapons deemed unusable for 5 minutes.

  • John danter says:

    I think this rule should change

    I had 2 concealed knives hidden in places where even if your hands where tied you could ‘easily’ reach them and use the weapon

    There is a rule about being able to actually break the bond yourself

    Well one of my knives, if real would have easily enabled me to cut through the cable tie (you could argue if real it would probably be metal hand cuffs and the knife rendered useless anyway I suppose….?)

    I think this rule aids people too lazy to bother to do the 5 min strip search.
    Hands bound or not, you can reach concealed weapons and use them if you hide them in certain places

    So needs to revisited in my opinion.

    • sliabh says:

      The rule we implemented this year was that once cuffed you could not use anything on your person. This was because the whole area round cuffing prisoners was causing more confusion and complaint than anything else in the rules – by far.

      Previously we had people debating whether in real life if might be possible to do X, Y or Z. This was causing problems in the field, hassle for marshals and leading to some messy, frustrating situations with players. A lot of it was coming down to people arguing “well in a real life situation…”. And this is fair enough, but we have to make some compromises, and we do want players to know where exactly they stand.

      So in the interests of piece and quiet we decided on a rule change for this year, and specified that once tied you cannot use any object on your person. This cleared up about 95% of the queries and complaints players were sending my way*. If might not be totally realistic, but it’s simple and people understand it. So I think we will keep it for next year.

      * One of the few I did have to handle was a query about a player who chewed through the cable tied they had been cuffed with. I allowed this excellent display of initiative, and future dentistry problems.

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