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I am home a few days now in Austria, and in another week I may have recovered 🙂

What a great event. We had our first proper rain, but I don’t think if fazed the 300+ players who turned out for the biggest and best Airsoft event on the island.

The feedback we have been getting has been almost universally positive so I think we sorted out the few issues we had last year. There is always room for improvement though. I am tracking all the comments being made on the forum, Facebook and website. And I will make a formal call for feedback in a day or two.

I was full time marshalling this year so my un-forgettable memories are a little different. But they include hauling what was left of Jack Harris (a PMC killed in an IED blast which cost him an arm, leg and his head, but left him still weighing about 45kg) by myself up the hill before the game to dump for his colleagues to find. Working with Hugh to rig 10 IEDs all around the cemetery, and returning the next day to find the graveyard desecrated, a coffin dug up and the body inside (Daniel O’Byrne) stolen away. Dave Murtagh’s early morning jog around the site in shorts and UN beret with a M4 slung over his back. Arriving into the Heavies base, for a live demonstration of how the suspicion and paranoia was so bad they ended up shooting each and every one of their unit commanders over the course of the weekend for spying. Watching a Republicano force run full speed across the field away from the UN base on Sunday morning as it was now held by the Patriotas, and they had an appointment in Jaloque – even though this meant they would have their enemy in front of and behind them!

More important now is to recognise the great effort and all the people who helped bring you the Rionegro Insurgency. This list is pretty much everyone, but if I omitted someone I am grievously sorry!

First off I need to thank Mark and Paul. There is hardly a game element that isn’t moved along by them. They are involved in game and missions planning, booking and registration, as well as all the site and prop logistics, including the weird stuff I asked them for this year (a cemetery with 15 graves, including a coffin and skeleton probably led to more than a few raised eyebrows). And this year as well as the Control function, they stepped into the game taking command roles for the two major factions. Without them Rionegro would not happen.  Paul also was the man behind the poster and patch design this year.

Thanks to Eddie for allowing us the use of Bellurgan again this year. The event is as good as the venue, and Bellurgan remains the best venue in Ireland for this type of large event. Thanks as well to all the support team on the site who prepared the site and props, drove vehicles (Donail Taffee, Benny O’Conor, Brian Dooley and Curtis), cooked burgers (Una who nearly was incinerated herself), brewed tea and coffee, and helped out generally.

Next I need to recognise the work done by all our EMs, Dave O’Connor, David Payne (who also organised the water drop), Hugh McGuinness, Laurence Thermes, and Pat Noonan. Over several months they take on responsibility for planning and organising their units, and then spend the weekend making sure it all works, everyone is busy, and everyone comes away with a great experience. Take a bow all of you.

They are ably supported by a group of players who step up into leadership roles – Richard Smith for the Republicanos, Wojciech “Klex” Wisniewski for the Patriotas, Conor Fenlon for La Cara Nova, Johnny Kenna for the UN, and Jakub Potocki for the Special Operations unit. These volunteers are key to making their units effective, but taking on the role can remove them from the fun part of actually shooting at people (in base executions excepted).

Unfortunately we were unable to use the LAWS system but I still want to recognise the team involved. A technical issue mean that the huge amount of work which had gone into the system by Jay Collins, Paul Holdstock, Jonathan Quiet and a few others was scuppered at the last minute. We haven’t see the last of the system though and it will be appearing at airsoft sites, in the coming year.

Thanks also to Cian for his support with the IT systems, Warren for the graphic design work we are still milking, Ben Fay who did a huge amount helping the guys get the site ready in advance of the game, Chris Morris who helped with early work on the game planning, Paul Nordon for getting us most of a realistic weight body dummy, and Ulrike Liebetrau for all the work on getting the PES ready for use.

Thanks also go to my family. They put up with me dedicating a big chunk of my free time to planning and organising Rionegro, and then they see me fly off for what was a holiday weekend here in Austria. They are very forgiving of me pursuing my slightly odd leisure activity.

And finally I want to say thank you to all of you – the players. Many volunteered for extra roles or LARP activities like Matthew Owens and Jack Leonard who were the faction VIPs. Others built game props for your units like ID badges and documents, brought vehicles, and provided equipment for faction bases. But every player contributed by turning up, and getting and stuck in. The event is what it is because of the 300 of you. Give yourselves all a pat on the back!

So what happens next? In the coming days I want to gather feedback, make a list of as many photo collections and videos as possible, and I need to gather all the information needed to do up the after action report. Somewhere along the way I will work on catching up on my sleep backlog!

In the mean time, recover, swap stores and memories, and lets see what happens in the future…

a.k.a OpFor

2 Responses to “Thanks!”

  • jack woods says:

    was that you in the jeep that nearly ran us down the suddenly put on its hazards on sunday morning Seamus ?

    • sliabh says:

      I got a few lifts on Sunday with Dave, Pat, Eddie and Paul. But we tended to be going slowly. Apologies if we nearly hit you. Next time we will try harder 🙂

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