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August 25, 2014 sliabh Game NewsRionegro Insurgency

One week on, there are only 2 things left now – the post game write up, and the feedback. The write up I will cover in another mail. The feedback is probably the most important bit though. We take this very seriously, as anyone who has been at previous games will have seen.

So can I ask you then to send me your comments on what worked well, what didn’t, what we should never ever speak of again, and what things we could try next time.

Please put them in the comments field below, or email them to me at

Specific areas you can have a think about are

 Run up to the game

  • Time and date – right time of the year, right length of game?
  • Game planning – factions, missions, props and organisation
  • Ticketing, booking, payment, and registration
  • Rules – Too simple/complex? What were confusing. What is missing/should be changed?
  • Communication to players – How is the interaction between the website, facebook and Airsofter working?

Pre-game on site.

  • Arrival and pre-game – chrono, registration, etc.
  • Safe zone car parking and camping okay?
  • Site facilities – shop, food, water, toilets, camp sites etc.
  • Game set up – able to meet your fellow players, know where to drop your gear etc?

In Game

  • Bellurgan as a venue – is it good?
  • Base locations – were these okay?
  • Marshalling – visible enough? Able to manage issues? Happy with how they interacted? How the the wrist bands and numbers system work?
  • Factions – was there a good balance and variety between them, did they interact well?
  • Mission planning – did the new scheduled approach help or get in the way?
  • Vehicles – There were gripes last year about allocations. Any problems this year? Did the player vehicles work okay?
  • Night fighting – was this the usual wander around in the dark looking for a fight/a base to light up event?
  • Unit and player organisation
  • Leadership – were you happy with the information from and ease of access to your Embedded Marshal, Unit Commander, Section Leads?
  • Were you active – did you have missions to keep busy with?
Anything else
  • Getting people and gear back to the safe zone post game.
  • Post game barbecue
  • What have I missed?

Thanks very much for this information. It helps hugely in making a better game for the next time.

5 Responses to “Post game feedback”

  • Darren McGuinness says:

    although i could only stay until 12 midnight, To be honest i had a bad event, to many times was i just standing around waiting for orders to come, and when them orders came they would dissolve and finally when we were finally sent on a mission it was a suicide one, overall im not happy, i know that waiting around is apart of the milsim experience but this event took the cake with it. would like to see a more stable missions than just standing beside a road, also would like to see other groups have a chance on the vehicles, overall the 12 hours i was there i was in only 1 vehicle for 30 seconds,
    cheers and sorry for the negative comment
    Darren McGuinness

  • Sheamus O'Brien says:

    Hi Seamus,
    The following are the thoughts of my troops and my own. By and large we did not have a good Rionegro. Even our section commander, whom is not associated with us, was somewhat disaffected by this years proceedings.

    One of the main issues that was brought to my attention and which I partly agree with is that at times the story can over power the game. There were instances where our section was stood down from a mission because some larp element was occurring in the AO. This in itself was not the problem but the extended period of hanging around waiting for a mission was what sapped morale most. Another issue that is detrimental to morale is forcing scenarios to happen. For example the republicano “love in” for the first half hour of the game to allow the seizure of the yard. Another scenario I heard from one of my men in the Civilian faction was for the UN to take a route perilously close to the Republicano base, when safer routes were available and suggested but over-ruled because of orders.

    A big issue that annoyed me personally was the Republicano fascination of taking the yard and then immediately retreating out of it. You mentioned in a post on facebook that the Patriota faction were more visable in more areas of the site. I cant confirm nor deny this as the bulk of our faction was restricted to going back and forward between our base and the yard. I along with some others were very surprised at the location of the Patriota base in relation to the republicano base. It may be because of this positioning that for our faction at least, very little of the site was played because of “command” trying to helm in the opposition.

    My final point is one that im sure you will be hearing from a few of my guys. The fluidity of rules to expedite the game. There were some changes to the rules as described on the rule sheet and general site rules, during the game. Not a big issue in theory as long as it is common knowledge to all. The instance that comes to my mind is when we went to vote at the UN base. It was not our intention to cause actual trouble but we intended to tie up resources as they searched us. We however were informed that a rule change had come into effect and all they had to do was declare all our weapons and such discovered and deactivated. If such rule changes can come into effect on the fly, why was the tactical hit rule not brought in at some stage. There were embarrassing sights on both days with people dancing around and running away from each other in open fields.

    Thus ended the speech.

    Sheamus O’Brien

    • Pat Noonan says:

      Sheamus, that wasn’t a rule change at the registration as a player could always voluntarily declare all weapons when prompted if they so chose.

      It was suggested as a way of speeding the process up

  • Rob McDonagh says:

    I’ll Just do this under the headings:

    Run up to the game
    Time and date – I definitely think it is held at the right time of year and 27 hours is great! Though a stretch to 30 hours might be good. (Or bad it could go either way really)
    Game planning – I thought the game planning went really well. Nothing to complain about.
    Ticketing, booking, payment, and registration – No problems there.
    Rules – Again no problem.
    Communication to players – I encountered no problems. All info seemed to be delivered smoothly.

    Pre-game on site.
    Arrival and pre-game – No problems.
    Safe zone car parking and camping okay? No issues
    Site facilities – Great. Much appreciated.
    Game set up – No problems.

    In Game
    Bellurgan as a venue – Totally awesome! Love it 🙂
    Base locations – No problems.
    Marshalling – Good wasn’t overly noticeable but was there which I like. Wristbands/number system worked fine.
    Factions – No problems. Completely happy with factions.
    Mission planning – Definitely a help having a schedule.
    Vehicles – No problems.
    Night fighting – I wasn’t active for most of it. (It got too dark for my mesh glasses.)

    Unit and player organisation
    Leadership – Completely happy. No problems.
    Were you active – Definitely. Being on La Cara Nova meant that when we had no immediate scheduled mission, we went out to find trouble.

    Anything else
    Getting people and gear back to the safe zone post game – Getting people back was fine but the gear drop off’s could have gone smoother. If the gear won’t be back at the drop zones by endex players should be told this. Quite a few people were wondering when their gear would be dropped. Also one of my bags was dropped in another factions drop zone. Other players experienced this as well so the endex gear drop off needs to be more organised.

    Post game barbecue Great! Much appreciated.

    Overall I had an amazing time and will be back next year. Thanks to all who put in the effort to make this event happen and to all who showed up. It was an awesome airsoft event 😀

  • OzCam says:


    First time actually playing in Rionegro, and didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped.

    Three main points I’d like to make. Four actually, Eddie, Mark, Paul & entire crew & facilities were awesome as always.

    1. Railroading: I also felt that teams were occasionally delayed (happened to us at the start) to allow others to get into position or to subject them to the storyline. Once the whistle goes, there should be no more “orders” which prevent teams playing to their potential. Maybe it didn’t actually happen that way, but that’s how it was percieved.

    2. Boredom: You absolutely cannot have players sitting in a FOB for 2 hours waiting for a mission, or standing on a checkpoint all day. Ever last player who turns up is a paying customer and should at least be given the opportunity to be busy. Rotate squads/teams through an hour or two on stag, one on QRF, one/two on missions, one on downtime etc. It’s not rocket science. Faction leaders should be reminded of this duty in the strongest possible terms for next year. It’s part of their job to ensure their players are looked after, not just to serve the storyline. And if they can’t do that, or communicate properly with their team, step aside.

    3. You can’t have unstoppable vehicles. I understand that the LAWS failed at the last minute, which was very unfortunate and I’m sure will be fixed. But I think that if you can get close enough to a vehicle to hit it with a 40mm grenade shower, that should count as a kill. Insofar as the guiding priciple is “what would happen in the real world” applies, that’s a valid option; an M433 HEDP will absolutely disable a normal HMMVW and kill 1/2 of the people in it.

    Thanks for reading.

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