Concealed weapons

August 14, 2014 sliabh Game NewsRionegro InsurgencyRules

Because there has been some confusion on this its worth explaining in a bit more detail what the rules are around concealed weapons, typing people up and knife kills. The two principles here are: Once your hands are tied you cannot use any weapon, knife, tool, equipment etc AT ALL. you cannot even use an […]



Los Gringos – The UN

September 1, 2013 sliabh Rionegro EscalationRulesUnit information

As there has been some controversy around the Gringos/UN I felt more information on the unit and their mission was in order. The unit was conceived last year from the number of “war crimes” happening in the game – POW torture and execution, firing on civilians (remember the checkpoint massacre?). I thought it would be […]



Small rules changes

July 5, 2013 sliabh Game NewsRules

We made some small tweaks to the rules. Lucha Libre masks are acceptable headgear for civilians. The time that you can hold a prisoner for has been increased to 60 minutes.



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