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24 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • vhon samson says:

    Hello there my name is vhon samson and frag member, I believe Angelo Samson already beg to you to give me a spot on ur event, I really want to join but I will be back in Ireland this Thursday…. So any chance I could pay you this Thursday 50 to secure a place….

    My details
    Mr smith
    berget event as CO
    Vic Samson-0867390618

  • vhon samson says:

    oh by the way im looking for a spot in IVth IB sir

  • sliabh says:

    Hi Vohn, the next batch of tickets go on sale on Thursday at 12:00 (midday), so you should be able to get one then. There will only be a limited number for the IVth International Brigade however. Probably about 3 tickets.

  • Aaron says:

    Hi im just wondering what the LARPers are expected to do and also what the UN forces have to do as im gonna have to be one or the other since theres no other tickets available by the looks of it.

    • sliabh says:

      LARP players are the civilians. While they will mostly be attempting to stay alive, they will have individual agendas, and as a group will be trying to do what they can to come out ahead of the war. The UN are there not to keep the peace (there isn’t much) but to protect civilians, run the election, and see can they bring in war criminals. It might sound boring, but our experience is that the small non-aligned unit is the one that tends to attract a disproportionate amount of trouble.

      • Aaron says:

        Thanks man sounds awesome I have no problem being in the UN faction was just wondering what our mission would be exactly. I have my ticket now for the UN force really looking forward to it!

        Was also wondering if there would be any chance of using my M4 as a support weapon as I have modified it to be used in this role. Its the only way I have ever used it. I have other AEGs but this has been my support weapon for many years.

  • Ryan says:

    So what kind of roles do the Civs usually have? Cops? Drug dealers?

    • sliabh says:

      Anything civilian – barman, priest, farmer, drugs mule, concerned parent. We generally let people come up with a character idea, and they run it past the EM (Hugh). He will check to make sure that we don’t end up with a village full of arms dealers, drug lords and secret agents. We can make suggestions to you as well. The main idea though is that unlike the “soldiers” these are individuals with far more complex motivations.

      • Ryan says:

        Sounds awesome, I have a gas pistol which should be fine for being a civ but just wondering about this rule.
        “Players will be restricted to gas and spring guns, with a limited stock of pool AEGs.” Does that mean there may be scenarios that require AEGs for civs? Should I bring mine just in case and leave it in my tent?

        • sliabh says:

          The best thing to do would be to have a chat with the unit’s Embedded Marshal (Hugh McGuinness) once you have signed up. He develops and approves most of the missions so he can tell you whether you might need your AEG.

          • Ryan says:

            Cool, thanks for the info. Having a problem buying a ticket though. It keeps saying my email address is incorrect. Tried two different ones though?

  • sliabh says:

    You need to enter the email address twice. The first time is the address for the PayPal account being used. And the second time is for the player name on the ticket. It seems odd if you are just booking 1 tickets, but if you are booking 4 we need to have contact details for all the players 🙂

  • Aaron says:

    I booked 2 tickets and recieved the confirmation email but was wondering if there are actually tickets I need to print out?

  • Liam Barrett says:


    I unfortunately will have to cancel ticket for the upcoming Rionegro Escalation.

    I apologise for this.

    I paid €50 for ticket upfront, but I understand the deposit is nonrefundable.

    Liam Barrett

  • Mike Delaney says:

    Sorry guys, but I have to cancel at this late stage. 2 x Los Rochas.
    Regards Mike Delaney

  • Ryan says:

    Is there anywhere for people to talk about there experiences at Rio Negro this year?

  • Gavin Cleary says:

    Will there be a Rio 2015?

  • Martin Fehilly says:

    Hello.. I missed out on the booking yesterday due to work. Any chance i an get in with the heavies as i have played on that unit last few years, also i am with the craic squad and they are all in that unit.. Hope ye can help me out ,,

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