The Patriotas

“Los Rochas – The Heavies” – 100 Places

PatriotasThese are regarded as one of the most dependable units in the Veron’s Patriota forces. Originally made up of regulars from Rionegro’s marines, motor rifle and grenadier forces, Los Rochas remain the backbone of Veron’s forces. On the battlefield they have gained a reputation for being dependable, courageous fighters who are excellent in defence, and have served with distinction in many of the key campaigns of the war so far.

Their honour restored after successfully recovering the remains of Daniel O’Byrne last year the Heavies have been active in the final campaigns of the war. It has been a while since they faced off against their old foes the 25th Light Infantry. But now both have been stationed in the same sector, and will be itching to deal with unfinished business.

Their goals:

In advance of the ceasefire the Heavies have been tasked with taking control of the the village of San Pablo, Hill 143 and environs. The UN intervention force is to be resisted. They will be active in the area and have long since moved beyond passive peacekeeping.This is the last chance to settle some scores with the 25th Light Infantry. Seek them out and demonstrate once again the superiority of Los Rochas.


The Heavies will be organised into three groups:

  • General Infantry – Backbone of the unit, carrying out all offensive and defensive operations across the battlefield.
  • Mechanised Infantry – a quick reaction force occasionally equipped with vehicles to support key operations.
  • Commando de Seguridad – a small special forces unit attached to the local Patriota forces.

Players will be assigned to these groups by their unit leadership and Embedded Marshal. This will be done based on player preference, experience and unit need.

What to expect:

The Heavies will:

  • Operate from an established fixed base in the field. You will remain in the game area for the duration, and will have to establish patrols and defences to maintain your base.
  • The focus will be on large scale missions to attempt to take and hold key positions across the battlefield. You should expect to fend off attacks from Republicano and UN International forces.
  • The unit will be heavily combat orientated with little LARPing.


Patriota units wear boonie hats.

Embedded marshal:

A company level Operations Officer has been attached to this unit to provide assistance throughout the campaign.

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