UN International Forces

United Nations Intervention Force in Rionegro

Backed by the UN the international community has decided to take decisive action to end the civil war in Rionegro. The existing UN Intervention Force in Rionegro has been retasked with imposing peace. They will be supported in this by the new Rionegro Defence Militia.

Their Goals

The UN forces have a new mandate to oppose the warring factions. separate them, and force them to make peace. Their active “peace making” operations have been very successful. The Patriota and Heavy factions have realised total victory is not possible and have agreed to a ceasefire. What remains is to take control of key locations around the country. They can expect resistance to this.

What to ExpectWorking together the UN and RDM

  • Initially operate from a deployment location.
  • Will be expected to move across the area of operations to locate, secure and establish their own base.
  • Players will need to be able to work well in disciplined groups, carrying out a variety of mission types from slow paced reconnaissance, to fast moving combat missions.
  • Heavily outnumbered, players will need to be mobile and happy to cover lots of ground in mounting hit and run attacks.
  • This unit is intended for experienced MilSim players who are happy to have a significant amount of LARPing as well.


Players in the UN Intervention force will be expected to wear UN blue head gear or black watch caps.

Embedded Marshal

The UN Embedded marshal will be a Special Representative of the UN Security Council.

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