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“Presidential 25th Light Infantry” – 100 Places

RepublicanoFiercely loyal to President Munoz, the Presidential 25th Light Infantry were always regarded as a key unit of the Republicano army. Many were hand-picked by Munoz himself and were known for their fanatical belief in the Republican cause.

The 25th came away from their summer campaigns last year with their reputation enhanced. While they had not been effective in carrying the election in their area, they had denied the enemy control of Jaloque, and had succeeded in assaulting their base of operations. With the imminent ceasefire they have their last chance to face off against the their old foes “Los Rochas”.

Their goals:

The 25th Light Infantry’s primary objective will be to take and hold the key objectives of the village of San Pablo, Hill 143 and the surrounding area. They should also attempt to deliver a significant defeat on the local Patriota forces to make it clear who is the better force. The UN Intervention force is expected to be active in the area as well. They have moved beyond being “neutral” peacekeeping, and as participants in the war should be actively engaged.


The 25th Light Infantry will be organised into three groups:

  • General infantry – Backbone of the unit, carrying out all offensive and defensive operations across the battlefield.
  • Motorized Infantry – a quick reaction force occasionally equipped with vehicles to support key operations.
  • UME6 – “Unidad de Misiones Especiales 6. A small Special Forces unit attached to the local Republicano forces.

Players will be assigned to these groups by their unit leadership and Embedded Marshal. This will be done based on player preference, experience and unit need.

What to expect:

Players in the Presidential Light Infantry will

  • Operate from an established base in game. You will remain in the game area for the duration, and will have to establish patrols and defences to maintain your base.
  • Focus on large scale missions to attempt to take and hold key positions across the battlefield. You should expect to attack and defend against Patriota and UN international Forces.
  • The unit will be heavily combat orientated with little LARPing.


Republicano units wear bandanas, berets, or helmets.

Embedded marshal:

President Munoz has granted you one of his trusted political officers to ensure operations are carried out appropriately.

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