Rionegro Defence Militia

Rionegro Defence Militia Рup to 50 Places

Backed by the UN the international community has decided to take decisive action to end the civil war in Rionegro. The existing UN Intervention Force in Rionegro has been retasked with imposing peace. They will be supported in this by the new Rionegro Defence Militia.

Their Goals

The Rionegro Defence Militia (RDM) has been formed out of the La Cara Nova force that appeared last year. Intended as the nucleus of a future Rionegro army it has been receiving funding, training and equipment from the UN. It takes to the field to support the UN, and show they have local support. They will work with the UN to take control of the key locations in advance of the ceasefire, and to identify and capture wanted criminals amongst the combatants.

What to Expect

As a standalone unit La Cara Nova will:

  • Operate from their own base with little outside support. This base may not be fixed and players should be ready and able to quickly relocate their base if needed.
  • Players will need to be able to work well in disciplined groups, carrying out a variety of mission types from slow paced reconnaissance, to fast moving combat missions or static defence.
  • Based on past experience UN players should consider all sides as hostile to their mission, will have to be prepared to use force and/or come under attack at any time.
  • This will be a tough unit with demanding, open ended objectives. As such the unit is intended for experienced MilSim players who are happy to have a significant amount of LARPing as well.


Players in Rionegro Defence Militia will wear baseball caps.

Embedded Marshal

The RDM embedded Marshall will be a representative of the UN Special Representative for Rionegro.

6 Responses to “Rionegro Defence Militia”

  • r0n0c says:

    Will there be a camping area for the Insurgents on the Saturday night, like what the Airborne faction had last year?

    • sliabh says:

      Each faction will have their own in game campsite/base. Locations will be confirmed closer to the day. But we have taken on feedback from players about some of the problem ones from last year.

  • Civ Def says:

    Players in Rionegro Defence Militia will wear baseball caps. They should wear civilian head gear (baseball hats, cowboy hats, etc).
    Does this mean either baseball caps only, or all civilian headgear? Also can they disguise themselves as civilians again like last year?

    • sliabh says:

      Good catch. That’s text left over from last year. The correct headgear will be baseball caps. We would recommend black, green or tan.

      • Civ Def says:

        Ah grand, thanks for that. And the rules page may need some similar updating with faction headgear and a name change from LCN to RDM.

  • Civ Def says:

    When will the unit forums be up on

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