The Rionegro Escalation

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Event over! And what an event. I will be posting links to pictures and videos, asking for feedback and doing an after action report. Then hibernation for a few months.


The brutal Rionegron civil war is in its third year, but General Veron’s Patriotas may not make it much longer. Last year his troops managed to stop Vice Presedent Munoz’s Republicano advance. However Veron was handed a PR disaster by his Finance minister. The world’s media revealed details of giveaway contracts with multinationals for Rionegro’s resource rights, and negotiations with drug gangs for support. The deals have been renounced, and the recently deceased minister made a scapegoat, but the damage has been done. Losing public support, and short on funds the Patriotas are tottering.

This does not suit King Fernando of neighbouring Domigua who has been covertly providing assistance to the Patriotas for several years. Their collapse would undermine his plans to dominate the region. Therefore he has signed a treaty allying Domigua to Veron’s Patriotas with the intention of crushing Munoz’s Republicanos and dominating all of Rionegro. H-Hour is 1200 on Saturday the 17th of August when the Domiguan army will cross the Rionegro border in force to support their new allies.

Forces around the San Esteban pocket.

The San Esteban Pocket

Near the border village of Las Cureñas a Patriota division is surrounded in the “San Esteban pocket”. The Domiguan objective here will be to break through with critically needed medical supplies.

New fronts are opening in the war and new forces appearing in the struggle for the future of Rionegro. The day is coming when people will have to account for their actions, and decide where they stand in the fight for Rionegro.

What is new this year: As well as the familiar small unit engagements, this year’s event will include large set-piece battles over the weekend. These are expected to involve most of the players on the site and will be important for deciding victory. The rules are being updated to remove unused or complicated elements. Campsites will be off-game from 02:00 to 06:00, though night missions will still be happening.

Where: Bellurgan Park, Dundalk, Co. Louth.

When: August 17th and 18th, 2013.

How long:

  • Sign-in and chrono: Friday 18:00 to 00:00, Saturday 07:30 to 9:30
  • Game WILL start: 11:00 Saturday
  • Game end: 15:00 Sunday, followed by post game BBQ.

How much: €50, €60 with discount for early registration, which includes the post game BBQ. Tickets for LARP players, who will have restrictions on the guns they can carry, will be €35.

Registration: Will open on Wednesday May 30th at 12:00.

Age limit and other restrictions: Over 16’s only, and mid cap magazines only. NO HI-CAP winding mags. As Rionegro is subject to a UN backed arms embargo and no fly zone, players cannot bring aircraft, heavy weapons or armoured vehicles. Small arms and support weapons only. Bio-BBs are required and will be available on site. In line with Irish legislation all Airsoft guns must be under 1 joule.

Camping: Camping will be possible on site from Friday night, with toilets and showers.

Factions and Units:

  • The Domiguan-Patriota Alliance

    • Domiguan 2nd Airborne Infantry Brigade – 35 places.

    • Patriota Heavies – 35 places.

  • Republicanos

    • Presidential 25th Light Infantry – 35 places.

    • IVth International Brigade – 35 places.

  • Los Gringos

    • A unit whose details and objectives will remain secret until game day – 25 places.

  • Neighbouring country of Rionegro

    • Intelligence and Special Operations Agency – numbers secret.

  • Civilian LARP players

    • Villages from Las Cureñas – 25 places.

One Faction Commander will also be needed for the Domiguan-Patriota Alliance and one for the Republicanos. These individuals will be responsible for overall command of their respective factions.

More Information:

More information, including detailed descriptions of factions and units, updated rules, how to apply for leadership roles, and how to pre-book is provided on the official website:

The official game forum is at:

Our Email address for any questions, suggestions, offers of help etc. is:

Look at the contacts page for details of other internet locations where we will be sharing game information.

 ¡Viva la República de Rionegro!

13 Responses to “Escalation”

  • Angelo Samson says:

    looking forward on this event

  • Paddy Carroll says:

    If any of the past games are anything to go by this is gonna be the best event in ireland and uk this year by far. Looking forward to this all year . The lads know how to give a quality airsoft experience.

  • Brendan "Rabbit" Graham says:

    Lads I can’t wait for this, I’ve taken part in the last two of this series and they have been epic!

  • sliabh says:

    From what I am hearing we will have people travelling to this event from at least 3 countries now. And that is to say nothing of all the nationalities that are represented!

  • Paddy says:

    Hey just wondering, who are the good guys and who are the bad guys in terms of the fractions and units?
    Thanks 🙂

    • sliabh says:

      An interesting question Paddy. The Republicanos are led by Munoz, the former Vice President who took power when the president was put in a coma following a hunting accident. He has since suspended the constitution, passed repressive emergency laws and ruled as an old style dictator. Opposing him are the Patriotas led by Veron, a formed Army general who violated his oath to stage a counter-coup and rebellion. To secure support he has signed grubby deals with greedy multinationationals, greedy and violent drugs gangs, and now the log time foe of Rionegro – Domigua.

      Then there is the ISOA, spies and meddlers from a foreign power, or Los Gringos who ████████████████████████, ██████ ████████████ ███████████████, which is dubiously legal. ████████████ ████████████████ ████ exceeds their ██████████████████. ████████████████████████ ████████████ likely to go to jail.

      And that just leaves the innocent civilians. Poorly armed, walked on by all sides, struggling to scrape a living as they have always done by, er, smuggling across the border with Domigua and occasionally growing coca leaves for certain export businesses.

  • Paddy says:

    Great thanks, Also what are LARP Players?

  • sliabh says:

    Paddy, the best description of the LARP roles is here: The focus for these players is “character” roles – the village priest, a journalist, a farmer defending his land, a refugee with a hidden past etc. Although they can be armed (no AEGs, gas or spring only), these players are not there to fight. They will be soft skills oriented and they add a huge amount of the colour and character to the game.

  • Paddy says:

    Hey Sliabh, just seen the final tickets are on sale on the 29th, but I’m gonna be at a wedding that day and wont be near a computer is there any way of paying for tickets even the day before, myself and a friend really want to go this year but we’re both at the same wedding on the 29th 🙁 Please help 🙂

    • sliabh says:

      Hi Paddy, can you get anyone else to book on your behalf? We won’t have too many tickets to release and it wouldn’t be fair to start holding them for people in advance.

      • Paddy says:

        Eh I might have but that’s a very big might….I understand it’s not fair :/ Just the wrong day for them to be released for me lol Gonna have to sort something out tho :/

      • Paddy says:

        Eh also just noticed 29th is a saturday not thursday? If it was on a thursday I could get the tickets 😛

  • sliabh says:

    Sorry, my mistake there. It is actually Thursday the 27th. I have updated the posting.

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