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The 2014 Rionegro game is over, and was a great success. No word yet on the 2015 game, but if when there is, then we will announce if here and in the usual channels.

From the 2014 game…

The Civil War in Rionegro has become a stalemate. After three years of fighting neither Munoz’s Republicanos nor Veron’s Patriotas have been able to decisively gain the upper hand. The international community has strong armed the two into agreeing to hold a presidential election on Sunday August 17th. No one is sure how a vote in a war zone will turn out, so both sides are continuing to fight for an advantage. And now a new force has arisen to challenge both for the future of Rionegro.

Across the country La Cara Nova – “the New Face”, have started a campaign against both the Patriotas and the Republicanos. It’s not clear where they originated, who is leading them, or where they are getting supplied and funded from. But they are drawing support from people all over the country. Their claim to fight for the people of Rionegro is resonating with a population weary of the war. Totally hostile to the Republicanos and Patriotas they are more neutral to the United Nations forces who remain in Rionegro. The PR disaster of their soldiers attacking the UN last year led the Domiguans to hastily withdraw from the war. Since then the UN has beefed up their forces in Rionegro to protect civilians and to run the upcoming vote.

Local MapRionegro’s roads are poor, and the rainy season makes travel on all but the main roads very difficult. Controlling the major routes is key to sustaining military operations in the Autumn and Winter. Right now the Patriotas control the village of Jaloque which sits on the strategic junction between Rionegro’s Route Nacional 4 and Route Regional 53. The Republicanos need to take Jaloque to support their September offensive. The UN wants to run the presidential vote and protect the local civilian population. La Cara Nova want to prove that they are more than just guerilla bands hiding in the mountains.

Summer in Jaloque is going to be very hot this year.

Where: Bellurgan Park, Dundalk, Co. Louth.
When: August 16th and 17th, 2014.
How long:

  • Sign-in and chrono: Friday 18:00 to 00:00, Saturday 07:30 to 10:00
  • Game WILL start: 11:00 Saturday
  • Game end: 15:00 Sunday, followed by post game BBQ.

Age limit and other restrictions:

  • Over 16’s only, and mid cap magazines only.
  • NO HI-CAP winding mags.
  • Bio-BBs are required and will be available on site.
  • In line with Irish legislation all Airsoft guns must be under 1 joule.

How much:

  • €60, €50 with discount for early registration, which includes the post game BBQ.
  • Tickets for LARP players, who will have restrictions on the guns they can carry, will be €30.
  • This year we will have Player Vehicle tickets. Information on the requirements for these will be given later.

Bookings: Will open on Wednesday May 14th at 12:00.

Camping: Camping will be possible on site from Friday night, with toilets and showers.

Factions and Units:

  • The Heavies – 100 places.
  • Players will be allocated amongst three General Infantry, a Mechanised Infantry quick reaction force and Comandos de Seguridad.


  • Presidential 25th Light Infantry – 100 places.
  • Players will be allocated amongst General Infantry, Motorised Infantry and the Unidad de Misiones Especiales.

La Cara Nova

  • Newly emerged force in Rionegro – 50 places.

The United Nations

  • UN Intervention Force in Rionegro – 40 places.

Neighbouring country of Rionegro

  • Special Operations force – 10 places

Civilian LARP players

  • Local Villagers – 25 places.

More information, including detailed descriptions of factions and units, updated rules, how to apply for leadership roles, and how to pre-book is provided on the official website :

The official game forum is at:

Our Email address for any questions, suggestions, offers of help etc. is:

OpFor email Address

Look at the contacts page for details of other internet locations where we will be sharing game information.

¡Viva la República de Rionegro!

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