Recommended Equipment

This is a suggested list of items to bring. Think of it as a starting point for your personal game load out. Depending on what you like you may be bringing NV goggles, tracer units, your favourite teddy, or as happens with some 2 units – functioning military vehicles and/or helicopters.

Two important rules of thumb we can recommend:

  • Pack light. The game is only 27 hours, you are pretty near to civilization, and those around you will be able to provide support with many things.
  • Only bring what has been tried and tested. Far better to have your “good enough” reliable AEG/tent/eye protection etc. than something fancy you are taking out for the first time which lets you down a few hours into a long game.

For a lot of items (tools, cookers etc) try and pool with the other players in your section. That will lighten your load. Things that could be pooled we have marked with [square brackets].

There are two significant changes to the list we gave last year:

  • Dummy knives will now be allowed in game.
  • We are recommending people bring an external battery pack for their mobile devices.

We will provide you with:

  • Chem light to mark yourself as hit at night, when no one will see your death rag.
  • Medic bandages.
  • Game patch.
  • We will do a water drop to bases on Satruday of about 3L per person.

First the “Must Have” and the “Must Not Have” lists, and then we go through the recommendations.

Mandatory Items You Must Bring

All players are expected to have these, and without them we may prohibit you from playing.

  • Eye protection, which should be comfortable enough to sleep in, if you plan on sleeping in-game.
  • Orange or red death rag to be worn on your head.
  • The appropriate headgear for your faction so you can be identified.
  • Full ankle support boots.

Prohibited Items You Must NOT Bring

There are some things that we prohibit from the site. Possession of them will probably get you kicked out of the game, and use definitely will:

  • Hi-Cap winding magazines. Electrical self winding mags are acceptable on proper support guns (M249, M60, etc) only.
  • Blue or green lasers, or red lasers of over 5mW in power.
  • Real knives – bayonets or hunting knives. Cooking knives or multitools with knives are okay, but only the multi tools should leave the campsite. We will allow dummy knives this year but they must be declared, inspected and tagged at the gun chrono station before the game. Blades on prop knives must have some flex, not be too sharp and have to be used appropriately.
  • Player pyrotechnics of any sort.
  • Alcohol or non prescription drugs.
  • Open fires. Camping stoves will be allowed in designated areas at the campsites/bases.
  • Banjos, accordions.

Moderate drinking on Friday night, or post game on Sunday will be allowed. Any indications of drunkenness will lead to game bans.

Recommended Equipment


Plan for Irish summer conditions. It should be mild, there might be a shower, and it will be a lot cooler at night – especially if your find yourself stationary for a long period on sentry duty or in a recon position.

  • Eye protection x 2 – have a spare in case anything happens to your most important piece of gear.
  • Usual airsoft clothing. Most of the site is heavily wooded, so temperate European camouflage is best, but we have had people in black, UCP, Hawaiian shirts, and two piece linen suits.
  • Boots – waterproof with good ankle support.
  • Unit specific head gear.
  • Civvies for going to, and coming from the site.

Nice to have are:

  • Change of t-shirt, socks, and underwear. You will get smelly, you might get wet.
  • Gloves – for the painful knuckle shots.
  • Knee pads and elbow pads.
  • Rain gear and fleece for variations in the weather.

Airsoft Gear

Bring the primaries into the field and keep backups in the safe area:

  • Orange or red death rag to be worn on head or around the shoulders when you have been shot.
  • Main gun.
  • Sling for main gun – it is a long game and a sling will greatly add to your comfort.
  • Bio bbs – for most people 1 bag/bottle of 3000 should be enough.
  • 4-6 mid-caps.
  • 2-3 fully charged batteries.
  • Speed loader.
  • Secondary gun – pistol, PDW, shotgun etc.
  • Holster or sling for secondary, unless you plan to dual wield for the weekend. Please pay a lot of attention to securing pistols. One was lost in a field at the 2011 game and subsequently caused damage to agricultural equipment.
  • Magazines for secondary gun.
  • Grenades, and consumables to use them (gas, thunder-B shells etc). The site is almost totally wooded so be careful about where you throw them.
  • Webbing/tactical vest to hold:
    • Magazines.
    • Drop pouch.
    • Water.
    • Radio.
    • Sundries (pen, paper, cable ties, glow stick, death rag, bandages, etc).


  • Backup gun with mags, sights, slings and batteries if you need them.

Tactical Gear

This is the supporting equipment you will need in addition to your gun(s) in order to effectively carry out your unit’s missions:

  • A bag to carry your kit into the field – big enough to hold everything. You shouldn’t need to worry about space for souvenirs on the way home though.
  • Good PMR Radio, with fully charged battery. Be sure you know your unit/sections allocated radio channels, and how to use a radio effectively. Also know their limitations – you can be lucky to get signal a few hundred metres in the wooded hilly terrain around the site.
  • Site map – we will provide one, with the game rules on the opposite side.
  • Pen and paper. Dry wipe marker.
  • Torch with a red light filter.
  • Long cable ties (>30cm if possible), for securing captives.
  • Multi tool.

May also be useful

  • [Camo facepaint – best in green, brown or black]. Blue has been done in the past
  • Compass if you easily get lost in small areas.
  • [Binoculars]
  • [GPS]
  • [Chalk (yellow or white) – for marking safe entry points]
  • [Tools for AEG maintenance]
  • [Silicone oil]
  • [AEG cleaning rod]
  • [External battery charger like these. Get a BIG capacity one.]

Camping and Sleeping

Camping is available in the safe zone on Friday night, and in game or in the safe zone on Saturday.

  • Sleeping bag – summer weight.
  • Ground mat – remember the purpose is not to make the ground softer, but to keep the cold out.
  • Tent or bivouac shelter if you don’t mind people stepping on/tripping over you.


  • A camping chair as it always feels good not to have to sit on the ground.


The quantities below assume you are camping for 2 nights. There will be a food shop in the safe zone on Saturday night. If you are bringing self-heating meals remember they sometimes do not self-heat. It always is handy to have access to hot water just in case. Try to avoid things like dairy products that will require refrigeration. It may be warm and they could spoil.

  • Water – plan for 3-5 litres per day. We will provide a drop of 3L on Saturday night. Make sure you have a smaller container to take into the field when you are away from your base.
  • 2 x breakfasts.
  • 2 x lunches.
  • 2 x dinners.
  • Snacks – fruit, chocolate, biscuits or granola bars. Preferably things that can be taken into the field – and remember to take your litter back to the base with you!
  • Tea or coffee.
  • A personal rubbish bag – what you pack in, you must pack out.
  • Eating irons – cup, plate, cutlery or spork.


  • [Gas stove to heat water and or meals]
  • [Saucepan(s)]

Cleaning and personal hygiene

You don’t have to stay pretty, but you can feel a lot more comfortable.

  • Toothbrush & tooth paste.
  • Babywipes – will do in lieu of a shower, and can be used instead of toilet paper.
  • [Sun cream (factor 30+)]


  • [Small first aid kit (plasters and savalon)]
  • Lip balm.
  • [Insect repellent].
  • Any medication you require.

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