Poster and Game Media

2014 Rionegro Insurgency

The 2014 Game Poster

Rionegro Insurgency

Larger versions to follow.

2013 Rionegro Escalation

The 2013 Game Poster:

Rionegro Escalation Game Poster

We have printable PDFs in two sizes:


This is the Rionegro Flag:

Rionegro Flag

Rionegro Flag

This page has a collection of links to game videos and photos.

2012 Rionegro Initiative:

The poster:

Rionegro Initiative poster

Rionegro Initiative Poster

The game badge:

Rionegro Initiative game badge

Rionegro Initiative game badge

2011 Rionegro Mandate:


Rionegro Mandate poster

Rionegro Mandate poster

Game patch:

Rionegro mandate patch

Rionegro Mandate patch

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