What is this game?

In game vehicles.

In game vehicles.

The Rionegro Insurgency is a live-action wargame played using airsoft guns. These are realistic-looking toy guns that fire small plastic pellets known as BBs, and are legal in Ireland if adhering to certain power limitations and not brandished in public.

The game will place players in a fictional military, paramilitary, or non-combatant unit with other players, where they will be given missions to complete. These missions will often place them in conflict with players on the opposing side, but may be tackled in a variety of ways – you may decide a shock frontal assault is in order, or you may infiltrate sneakily through the undergrowth and catch the enemy unawares, or you might find another player willing to do your dirty work in exchange for in-game money. Ultimately, the game’s framework is a large and evolving storyline, which will change based on the success and failure of your missions, and decide who are the victors at the end of the day.

You can expect to spend the duration of the game on-site, so depending on the unit you choose you may have to carry anything from a water canteen to full sleeping and eating kit with you. Members of most units have the option of either setting up a tent in the game area (which will need to be defended!) or in the safe zone, where you can retire for some off-game rest. As well as dealing with your unit’s missions, you will need to take care of yourself, and this self-sufficiency is part of the appeal of a game like this.

If you’ve never played this type of game before, you’ll find airsofters to be a very friendly and welcoming group. You’ll be made feel at home in your unit and you’ll all look out for each other. Game marshals will be shadowing each unit in a hands-off fashion, so while they won’t be getting in the way of experienced players, if you’re uncertain about anything there’ll usually be someone nearby you can consult.

You choose your own level of immersion – by choosing a unit whose play style matches what you’re interested in, deciding whether to sleep in-game or out, whether you’re going to eat your own rations in the field or take some time out to buy a burger, and whether you’re going to contribute heavily to mission planning or simply follow your team-mates’ lead.

If you’re interested and have any questions please register on our forum and let us know!

2 Responses to “What is this game?”

  • Shimerin says:

    I notice is a few of your picture some team player doing some kind of press-up, it didn’t look like they were in competition with each other, seems they were captured and this was some form of punishment! What was there reason for this and if a player refused what happens 😎

    • sliabh says:

      They were being interrogated! Captured players are asked to adopt a “stress position” which is usually “The Plank”. They have to hold it for 2 minutes. If they fail then they must truthfully answer 3 questions that are asked of them. It’s loads of fun to watch!

      You can refuse, but then you have no choice about answering the questions put to you.

      Take a look at section 7 of the rules here for more details.

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