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Tickets for The Rionegro Ultimatum must be booked and paid for in advance. Game registration, and final payment (for those buying deposit only tickets) will be in Bellurgan park before game start on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of August.

We will begin selling tickets through this website on Wednesday the 10th of June at 12:00 midday.

The process is totally electronic. You can book your tickets through the website, and you will receive an email with a confirmation. On the day you just need to bring that confirmation number to the registration desk to be signed in.

You can find links to the booking forms for each unit, and a live total of tickets sold for each unit on:

The Tickets page.


Before you register please remember these restrictions:

  • The age limit for this game is 16 years.
  • All Airsoft guns must chrono under 1 Joule.
  • Hi-Cap magazines are prohibited. This will be a mid and low cap ONLY game.

This is a MilSim game. You will be expected to work within a unit and take orders from your chain of command. This is not a Sunday skirmish, so you may find you are not in action for extended periods of time.

Price and payment

There are three payment options:

  1. Early Booking Ticket: If you pay and register at once by the 10th of July the cost of the event is €50.
  2. Standard Ticket: Bookings from the 11th of July will be €60.
  3. Deposit Only: You can pay a deposit of €30 now and the balance of €30 at the game itself.
  4. All payments will be made through this website via PayPal.

Why book early?

There will be cap on the event size of 250-300 players. And we will strictly limit the size of smaller units. Some of these are very popular and filled up within days hours of registration opening last year. We will only have one release of tickets this year. We will not be releasing a second batch later closer to the game.

Registration Process

Once you select your unit, and the ticket type, we will ask you to complete a booking form. This looks for your personal details, including age so we can see how many under 18 players we have. Then you will be taken to the PayPal site to pay the required ticket price. Once the payment is complete you will be redirected back to this site, and a confirmation email will be sent welcoming you to the game, and giving your booking ID.

The official discussion group for the game is being hosted on When you are booked we will give you access to the closed unit forum there, where you can meet the rest of your team mates, and discuss orders and tactics from your Unit Commander and Embedded Marshal.

Which Unit to Go For?

The different units have been tailored to give different types of game to players, from beginners to the more hardcore. Depending on what you are after, and your level of experience there should be something here for you. As we have said before though, this game will not be like a usual weekend skirmish. You will be expected to work as part of a unit and to follow orders in that group. Some of the time you may be waiting for things to happen.

Players new to MilSim

  • Republicano – Presidential 25th Light Infantry
  • Patriota – Heavies

These units will have a variety of tasks including patrolling, attacking positions, protecting assets, and occasional sentry duty. You will work in groups from section size (5-10 players) up to the whole faction (potentially 100+). They can expect plenty of action, and only a limited amount of Live-Action-Roleplaying (LARP). These units operate from a fixed base where they return to re-arm, eat and sleep.

For Experienced MilSim Players

  • The United Nations
  • Rionegro Defence Militia

These are smaller units with more specialised roles. Players can expect more demanding and varied missions, from stealthy reconnaissance, sniper and counter-sniper activity, to intelligence gathering, operating heavy weapons, recovery of high value assets, and more. Mostly working in smaller sections, though sometimes co-ordinating with larger units, players can expect to spend long periods away from their bases, and may have to be ready to bring all their food, water and ammunition with them. To give you an idea of how different these roles are, last year many of these players fired less than 100 rounds in the whole game! There may be significant LARP requirements for these units.

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