Conditions around bookings

As far as possible we will do everything to help people manage their bookings and get in the right units with the right people. But there are limits to what we can do sometimes. To make things clear these are the conditions that we will be following for the event tickets.

In all cases if you need to contact us with a query or request around a booking then please ONLY USE our email address. We cannot guarantee we will see facebook messages.

Ticket Costs

There are three ticket types:

  • Early booking: (before July 10th) €50.
    • This includes the non-refundable game deposit of €30.
  • Full price: (from July 11th) €60
    • This includes the non-refundable game deposit of €30.
  • Deposit only: €30 and pay balance ON THE DAY at registration. There is no way to pay balance online.

Ticket changes

We will accommodate changes to tickets at our discretion. Changes will only be done up to July 31st. There will be absolutely no changes after that date! 

  • Swap unit.
  • Change the name on a ticket.
  • Cancel a ticket.

Swap unit:

For those that booked into the wrong faction or want to play with friends in another unit:

  • There must be room in the unit you wish to move to – or have someone to swap with.
  • Can be done up to July 10th. After then we lock participants in units as we will be providing missions, OpOrds etc. Players should not discuss sensitive game information before then in the private game fora.
  • Process: We will require an email from both people confirming they wish to swap. We will then make a manual update.

Name change on a ticket:

You may chose to give or sell a ticket to another person. However we will need to be informed of the name change in advance of July 31st.

  • The player is responsible for any arrangements between themselves and who ever is getting the ticket. We will treat it as a name change and will not refund and recharge for the ticket.
  • When have a new ticket holder then let us know.
  • Process: The original ticket holder is to email us confirming the name change on ticket, and giving full details of the new holder.

Cancellations and refunds:

In the event that you need to cancel a ticket:

  • Email us with your booking details and we can cancel the ticket and return it to the pool of available tickets for that unit.
  • In the event of a cancellation, all deposits are non refundable. The game deposit is €30.

We don’t plan to manage a waiting list of people looking for tickets for specific units. However we will set up a thread on for those that are looking for tickets and you may be able to find a taker there.

5 Responses to “Conditions around bookings”

  • Igor Guerreiro says:

    Still have ticket for the patriotas?

  • Josh Doherty says:

    Hi I’ve already booked my spot a few weeks ago now for the UN however I am wondering as this will be my first time attending this event, how sign in works ? For example do we simply have our name checked off a list ?

    • sliabh says:

      There will be a registration desk set up on site. You will go there and the team will locate your booking from our master list. If you just paid the deposit they will take the balance. You will get your sign in pack (map, rules, game patch) and will be told where to go to chrono, and where and when to gather with the rest of your faction/unit.

  • Josh doherty says:

    Right ok no problem thanks 🙂

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