The Rionegro Ultimatum


All players are expected to be familiar with these, and use their common sense in following them. The principle of “how would it work in real life” will be applied in dealing with problems. Ignorance of the rules will not be an excuse for poor behaviour. If you have any questions ask on the forums in advance of the game, or check with Game and Embedded Marshals on the day.


Cheating of any sort as well as any infractions recorded by a marshal will now be kept on file. Any players or teams who continually come to our attention will be asked not to return to ANY of our events.

A marshals word is final. Treat all marshals with respect. In game marshals will be in play and will identify themselves to you in the event of an issue arising.

Please bring any infraction or infringement of the rules, no matter how minor to a marshals attention. There’s no point in complaining about the incident 2 hours after the event has happened as we can not deal with the situation then.

All players have a responsibility to ensure the game is running its best at all times. If you see a player on your own side breach a rule please mention it to them in a friendly manner. Through this style of honest game play we can all do our part to better the quality of play for everyone.

When hit is your duty as an airsoft player to show that player the same respect you would like to receive yourself. Do not bring shame to yourself or to your team by playing in an unfair manner. We expect a high standard of honesty and play from all participants.

This is your hobby, RESPECT IT!


Faction and Unit Uniforms

As this is a civil war, faction uniforms are mixed. Instead each side is identified by their headwear. Players must keep their team headwear on at all times, unless your unit has a unit specific exception.

  • You must always have your team/faction specific headgear on you.
  • It is strictly forbidden to wear the headgear of another faction in any circumstances.

The headwear designation for each faction and unit is:

  • Patriotas (Heavies) – boonies.
  • Republicanos (Presidential 25th Light Infantry) – berets, helmets, or bandannas.
  • United Nations – black watch caps or UN sky blue headgear.
  • Rionegro Defence Militia– mixed civilian and military clothing. Civilian head gear – baseball hats, stetsons etc.
  • Civilians – any non-military headgear, with a preference for white cowboy hats, lucha libre masks, and baseball caps.
  • Players in ghillie suits are not required to wear their faction/unit’s headgear, but they take their chances in doing so. They must not wear another factions head gear. They must have their unit specific headgear on their person if not on their head.


PMR radio channels 1-7 are “Closed” to specific factions as shown below. The allocations apply to the main channel and all sub channels.

  • Channel 1: Marshals. In the event of an emergency (player injury, non-participants entering the site, etc) players can broadcast a call on channel 1.
  • Channel 2: Republicanos.
  • Channel 3: Republicanos.
  • Channel 4: Patriotas.
  • Channel 5: Patriotas.
  • Channel 6: Rionegro Defence Militia.
  • Channel 7: United Nations.
  • Channel 8: “Open” and can be used by any unit. It is the only channel that can be used by villagers.

Players CAN ONLY USE the dedicated channel their faction have been allocated and Channel 8. If you are having problems with reception discuss this with a marshal. Using or monitoring a channel you have not been allocated will be regarded as a serious offence.

Due to the nature and size of the site we recommend each section have a mobile phone for emergencies.


Death Rags

Orange coloured death rags are mandatory!

Death rags will be made available on site for €2.

Any piece of orange coloured material at least 300mm X 300mm is acceptable.

Players must make their death rag visible upon being hit and when off game.


Ammo Rules

All ammo must be carried in magazines no loose bbs in bags or bottles.

Players may leave spare ammo in vehicles or at their faction’s HQ.

Ammo limits

600 rounds per rifleman. In midcaps only (includes additional weapons)

This includes assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols and submachine guns.

3000 rounds maximum for support guns in one box mag.

A support gun must be an accurate replica to count as a support gun.

M249, M60, M63, RPK etc.

6 grenades per life.


Hit Rules

When hit players must call ‘hit’ out loud, raise their hand so as to clearly let the other player know you are hit, go to ground where you are hit and mark themselves as ‘hit’ by displaying their death rag.

Hit players may step out of the line of fire if it is intense.

Players may not use ‘hit’ players as cover.

Grenade and Knife Kills: 5 minute bleed out to allow for searches.

Dead men don’t talk! Hit men may call for their medic ONLY. No other communication is permitted whether it be verbal or nonverbal.

You can’t take it with you – When a player goes to respawn any large game props (ammo boxes, missile launchers etc.) should be left behind in the open. Smaller items (documents, money etc) can be retained.

You may not engage targets through small holes in walls or through cracks in doors etc. Rule of thumb, DO NOT ENGAGE TARGETS THROUGH SPACE SMALLER THAN AN A4 SHEET.

Ricochets do not count.



Dead players can respawn at a dedicated location if :

  • It is not under fire
  • There are no enemy players within 50 meters of location
  • It is under your sides control

Some respawns are capturable. Generally, if your sides flag is up you may use the respawn location.

Flag Colours:

Republicano – RED

Patriota – GREEN


Respawn locations will work on a clock system. When the minute hand is in the red you may respawn. When the minute hand is in the white you must wait. RED=RESPAWN  WHITE=WAIT

HQ respawn locations cannot be captured by the enemy and will have alternate respawns in case of attack.


Tactical Awareness

Even though a player may be out of AEG range they still must act as if they are in range and take appropriate cover.

If you are in breach of this rule you may be issued with a hit.

Do not call out other players in an attempt to have them hit, leave this to the discretion of the marshals.


Knife Kills    

An Imitation knife is required to make a knife kill.

Knife kills are made by holding the knife up to the player and saying “knife” or “knife kill”. The player who has been knife killed moves silently to their respawn after a 5 minute bleed out.

We expect players to honour opponents efforts to sneak up on them by remaining silent!

Players may bring their own imitation knifes which must be able to bend or flex. Imitation knives must be checked by a marshal at sign in and will be checked during events.


Grenade Kills

A grenade kill is considered ‘fatal’ (no medic may treat). Return to respawn after a 5 minute bleed out time.

Grenades (or IED’s) that produce an audible sound have a 3m kill radius unless you are behind solid cover.


Gun Hits

If your gun is hit call “GUN HIT”. You can then use your secondary weapon, or return to respawn to repair your weapon.


Medic Rules

Medics will be given a limited number of medic tabs. Tabs may be removed when players return to respawn and returned to the section medic when possible.

When Hit:                                                                                                                                           1st hit: player can be healed by a medic only  – 5 minute bleed out.

2nd hit : player can be healed by a  medic only – 5 minute bleed out.                                                3rd hit: player must return to respawn after a 5 minute bleed out.

Any player may use a medic’s own kit to heal a medic.

Live players must not mix or mingle with ‘dead’ players.

A wounded player can be finished off with a coup de grace/execution. This is carried out by a knife or bang kill only.


Prisoner Rules

  1. When your enemy is bleeding out you may take them prisoner after you heal them.
  2. Prisoners can be told to hold a tie wrap or loop of rope etc to represent their hands being bound. (Not a medical bandage!) Players with “bound hands” cannot use them unless they can cut the loop or are released by other players.
  3. Heal the bleeding out player to stop his bleed out time.
  1.   All discovered weapons are to be made safe by the captured player. If prisoner escapes they may not use weapons for 5 minutes.
  1.   Prisoners can be searched with the players consent for intel or weapons. If no consent is given or the player is under 18 they must give up all intel and declare hidden weapons.
  1.   Players under 18 may remove their backpack or tac vest for searching by the enemy if they wish.
  1.   Players are allowed to interrogate prisoners using Interrogation rules. 
  2.   Players may keep prisoners for a maximum of 45 minutes.


Interrogation Rules

If a player wants to question a prisoner they must hold a stress position for 2 minutes. If they cannot then they must truthfully and helpfully answer one question.

This must be supervised by a player/head marshal, If no marshal is present the player has the right to refuse to do the stress position.


Simulated Carry

  • Two players place one hand each on a casualty or injured prisoner. All three can then move at walking pace.
  • If needed, and the victim agrees, one or more players can drag a casualty (who remains motionless).


Each faction may have a limited amount of mortar support.

Players will hear the mortars incoming and should take cover.

A marshal will call out ‘hit’ players who will then return to respawn after a 5 minute bleed out.



  • Vehicles are only driven by game marshals or approved players.


  • Marshals are trained and briefed on safety and off road driving.


  • There will be a strict speed limit system in place.


  • Keep clear of moving vehicles and use caution when taking cover near a road or track.


Vehicle hit rules:

All vehicles are armoured against small arms fire and grenades, these weapons have no effect.

Passengers in open top positions or riding in open vehicles are vulnerable to small arms fire and grenades.

Vehicles can only be disabled by props issued by Bellurgan Park Airsoft.

Vehicles without ‘hit’ receivers are considered armoured.

Only vehicles that are completely stopped can be used as cover.

All passengers inside a ‘hit’ vehicle are considered dead and must return to respawn after a 5 minute bleed out.

Disabled vehicles may be used as cover for a limited time.

When the area where the vehicle was hit is clear of players the disabled vehicle will return to HQ for respawn.

Hit vehicles must wait in their garage for 10 minutes before returning to the game.

If a driver is inside the cab and surrounded by enemy players he must surrender to them immediately.

Vehicles cannot be captured.

Players may signal a driver to stop or start from the rear of a vehicle by two bangs on the roof.


In-Game Props

All game props are to be treated with respect and care as if one’s own equipment.

All props are to be used as instructed.

Props will not be marked. This is the last days of the war… everything has value!

Outside each faction’s HQ will be a marked ‘Supply Depot’ where all game props gathered during the course of the event are to be kept. Players may not hide props anywhere else.

Supply Depots must be protected and are prone to looting by enemy factions.


Tents and Sleeping

  • Don’t interfere with someone’s tent – no pulling pegs/cutting guys shooting at for no reason etc.
  • Tents are in game areas – you should keep your eye protection on even when sleeping.
  • Tents may not be searched for any reason and players can only store personal items in tents.
  • You may fight from your tent.



Single fire only inside all buildings and when in confined spaces such as CQB environments and clearing trenches.

We encourage the use of single fire shots when possible outside the required locations.


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