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We are trying to log all the questions we receive with the answers we give, here. If you have a question then pop it into the comments box below. We have left the alias of the person who originally asked the question in the text. Let us know if you are shy though and we can remove it.

Questions from 2014

Damo 2k9 – Open top trucks, can the occupants be hit or not ?

  • They can be hit. Any player inside or on top of a vehicle can be hit as normal.

roebet – are knives, both real and dummy, allowed now or only clippers for the cable ties?

  • In game you can only have dummy knives. And these must be declared and inspected by us when your gun is chrono’d. Multi-tools (leatherman, Swiss army, etc) are okay as well. Cooking, and camping knives can be left at your tent, but should not be brought into the game.

Anon: Say a player is captured can they cut the cable tie themselves if they have a snips/ wire cutters/ medical shears?

  • No they can’t. Their hands are tied so they can’t use any of those tools. Their only option is to find something sharp on the ground (like a rock) or in their cell to cut the ties with.

Anon: If they get captured and free themselves and they have a hidden weapon, can they use that?

  • Yes, unless they were strip searched. In that case all weapons are declared and considered deactivated.

darman28: can we the LCN act as civilian by removing any Aegs, gear, camo on our person?

  • Yes. But you will have to be disarmed to civilian level (knife, spring or gas gun only), and you will have to have your faction specific headgear with you.

 Questions from 2013:

CpRc: Is there any way to play with patriotas without wearing a boonie?

  • No. We are strict on the head gear requirements as it is our way of distinguishing units that won’t require people to buy all new camo, or wear a rainbow of different arm band colours. We are sticking with the headgear rule as it is well understood, it is low impact (worst case you have to buy a new hat for €10-15, rather than a whole set of camo for €60+), and it generally seems to work. As well, with 4 factions this year (excluding the civvies) it would be a nightmare trying to manage different uniforms across them all.

422nd: Are their less individual roles this year, compared to last years reporter and minister for finance etc.? Is it just the civilians for larp this time around?

  • We can have individual roles again this year. Most will be villagers, and we wanted to give all the LARP players a home with a dedicated EM. As with last year, if you have a character idea, or would like suggestions get in contact with us and we can work something out. I would like to see “field” LARP roles again like the journalists.

CpcRc: Can we prebook now? Or do we have to wait?

  • Prebooking will be from Thursday the 30th of May. In part as we want as many people as possible to hear the details of the event before we start taking bookings. That is when you can pay the €30 up front as a deposit.

Konfusion: Which unit will have the best balance of combat/LARPing would you say?

  • That depends on what sort of balance you are looking for. We will probably also give a lot of players additional LARP backgrounds that may or may not come into play during the game. This could be a simple as having a photograph on you that someone might come looking for for some day, or as involved a being an assassin turncoat within your own unit hoping to target and kill a specified person before escaping to a rival faction. Depending on how it works out 10-15% of all players may pick up such roles. Some will be secret. Some you can tell people about.

Konfusion: Are there any embedded LARP roles available?

  • Yes. What do you have in mind here? We are open to suggestions. And we will work with people to integrate their ideas. I worked through one idea with a person yesterday already.

Konfusion: How does one get into the Intelligence and Special Operations Agency? Er, assuming that it actually exists. Which we all know it doesn’t…Maybe. Is there any special criterion to join?

  • There are no special criteria. Other than being a citizen in good standing (or maybe not) of the country in question. Have skills that they want. Be willing to head into a foreign land living rough with the knowledge that capture means probable torture, death and a unmarked grave. The health and pension benefits are excellent for staff that survive however.

r0n0c: On the 30th, can one person block book tickets for a group?

  • We are looking at a process for handling block bookings as well as possibly buying or paying for tickets in selected Airsoft shops rather than via PayPal. We will update before the 30th of May with more information on this.
  • Update: A decision was made that we would not allow group bookings. It will be one ticket per booking, but you can make multiple bookings.

Evade: Can surviving team mates take ammo from a team-mate (with his permission) who is about to go back to the respawn? If the answer is yes, does the 600 round per man limit still apply?

  • Because of the difficulty of managing and enforcing this, I am inclined to say that while you can take ammo from a team mate, you are still constrained by the 600 round limit.

CpcRc: Should we base the amount of ammo in a mag off of the advertised capacity or closer to the realistic capacity? Like 120 rnd midcaps hold more like 90-100 BBs realistically.

  • Go off the actual ammo.

BenFay: Can I go in the IVth International Brigade with half camo and half normal clothes?

  • Yeah, that is fine. The main requirement is that you have the right head gear. Which for the IVth International Brigade would be beret, helmet, or bandana. Your choice of colour.

Evade: Will you be taking applications for section leaders too or will they be picked on the day?

  • Like last year, the application form will allow you to say you are interested in a command role. You can specify which of Faction Commander, Unit Commander, or Section Leader you would like to go for. We will pick the Faction Commander and Unit Commanders in advance of the fame. The Unit Commander then will work with volunteers to pick Section Leaders. Some will be chosen in advance, and some on the day. Barring accidents (or mutiny*) the Commander’s will not change over the game. But we did have some rotation in Section Leaders. It gives people a break, and allows people to step up to the role for a while.

Ben: Will there be any safe zone camping?

  • All players will have to camp in the Safezone on Friday night. And any players that want a full undisturbed night’s sleep on Saturday can do so then as well. However campsites in the playing field will be “off-game” from 0200 to 0600 so they should be quieter this year.

Mark: Are the IVth International Brigade like the Penitents last year?

  • The IVth is not a new version of the Penitents. The Penitents were planned as a unit for newer players, with a structure, support and missions tailored accordingly. The IVIB is intended for experienced MilSim players. The unit will be more demanding than the other Republicano Unit, the 25th Light Infantry. As well as their primary mission objectives supporting the Republicano faction they will have a significant, and committing secondary one. This secondary mission will need the players to act with plenty of initiative, often independently of the main force. And while it won’t be as covert as the sort of missions planned for the ISOA, they will have to be sneaky bastards. More details here.

Geoffrey: Hey dude, looking forward to this event, viva la rionegro! Wanted to ask a question to help our faction selection; are any units required to sleep in the field, ie wont have a home base to set up tents etc for sleeping on saturday night?

  • There will be campsites for all factions except the ISOA special forces who will be expected to bivouac. Everyone else can bring and pitch a tent.

Sean: Date is the same as Eminem?

  • Yes. Sorry about that. But it is also the closest date to the full moon in the middle of August.

Darren: Would I be able to use my Ghillie suit?

  • Ghillies are fine, and we are okay with you not wearing the right unit head gear. There are 2 requirements though. You need to have the correct headgear with you and be able to produce it if challenged by a Marshall or other players. And you need to be happy taking your chances with being shot by anyone who may spot you! 🙂

Nigel: I was wondering if an mg36 is classed as a support weapon or do you restrict the class to m60 and m249 ?

  • We would have to regard that as an assault rifle. To be classed as a support gun we would need something like an M60, M249, RPK, PKM, etc.

Michael:  what’s the extent of digging in, in the game? Are we allowed to dig the ground in any way with shovels for defensive purposes?

  • This will not be allowed.

Philip: If you’re defending your base are you allowed to have more @ a static post? so for example my stoner uses 1100round mags, and i have 3 of them – so one in the gun, and 2 spare. Can the 2 spare mags be left @ the position – so effectively that gun has 3300 rounds on hand?

  • Within the base we will allow you to have more mags and exceed the usual ammo limit. Any player outside of the base should stick to the 1500bb limit.

Kieron: I am just wondering if it would be possible to camp an extra night after the event has concluded?

  • Yeah, that is 100% fine.

28 Responses to “Game and Rules FAQ”

  • jack says:

    Hi can you carry two guns on you for example a support gun and an assault rifle and have 600 in the assault rifle and 1500 in the support or is it like 1500 for support and thats it

    • sliabh says:

      The short answer there is no. We would cap your BBs at 1500.

      You can carry two guns. But we would insist the assault rifle only uses mid-caps. And you cannot have more than 600 rounds in mids.

      For the support gun you can have 1500, but that is only if carried in a electric self winding box mag. It would lead to confusion if you could mix box and mid cap mags.

  • Nyama says:

    RPK and MG36 are same class weapons. Why is RPK allowed and mg36 is not? Telling difference between an MG36 and G36 is as easy as telling difference between RPK74 and AK74.=]

    • sliabh says:

      Because the real RPK and the airsoft one will have a longer barrel and so have heavier weight. Airsoft MG36’s are identical to the G36 with just the addition of a bipod.

      • Nyama says:

        All parts are interchangeable in both of pairs. In both cases its a standard rifle with heavier barrel and attached bipod. Both count as LMG. And MG36 weight is 200-300 grams heavier than same size G36E. In airsoft its really rare for guns to weight exactly same as real analogue, so weight is somewhere in last lines of importance. Its just unfair to say that MG36 is not an LMG, but to say that RPK74 is an LMG just because it looks longer than gun its copied from. Only reason there are no meter long AK74 is that Russian gunsmiths never tried to turn assault rifle into marksman rifle. I see gun-racism in it. They are from same class. They have same purpose. But one can carry 600rnds and other 1500rnds. I feel sorry for auto-riflemans with MG36 now. =(

        • sliabh says:

          Whatever about the real world we are talking about MilSim here. So we have 2 considerations. The first is that we will only allow bigger support mags on bigger support guns – those where there is a weight or size difference over a standard AEG. There has to be a downside to the advantage you get from a 1500 round magazine. In the real world this comes from the weight of the ammo and the heavier barrel(s). Here we stipulate a larger gun. And the typical airsoft RPK is heavier and longer than a G36E or MG36.

          The second issue is to avoid headaches with players. We have said we will not allow support mags on standard AEGs. In the event of a dispute – “that’s not a proper MG36!” – what are we supposed to do? As I said other than a bipod there usually is no difference at all between a stock G36E and a MG36 (and even then a lot of players have bipods on their G36Es).

          This is all about the practicalities of the game.

  • Leon Kelly says:

    Hi Guys so just wondering is the total BB limit per day 600bbs? I plan on bringing a sig 556 DMR as well as my MP7GBB for closer engagements so what would my limit be? Also what time does the game kick of on the Friday and end on the Sunday?

  • sliabh says:

    Hi Leon, The limit is 600bbs at any time. You can return to your base and reload as often as you like. The only exceptions to the 600 limit are proper suport guns (PKM, RPK, M249 etc) which can have a electrically wound box mag. And tripe shot shotguns where we count the 3 bbs as 1.

    Mandatory game briefing is at 11:00 on Saturday, game starts at 12:00 and game ends at 15:00 on Sunday.

  • MajorMax says:

    Hi, I have signed up with the UN, quick coupla questions.

    Are helmets restricted to the IVth International brigade?

    I have a M88 with a UN blue cover that I would like to use. Or am I gonna have to go with a soft cover?


  • Padre Esteban says:

    Nice rule on the shotguns, now I just need to get another 30 shells to max out 🙂

  • Stigmau5 says:

    Heya. Just wondering when will the individual forums for each faction are up and running as I’m after signing up for the UN and would like to meet my fellow team mates 🙂

  • josh doherty says:

    is there a seperate booking option for use of vehicles or are any members of a faction able to use their faction’s vehicles ?

  • Gibbsey says:

    Are civilian players allowed spring sniper rifles?

  • Civ Def says:

    If you have a support gun, or two, mounted on a vehicle, then would those guns ammo limits be 1500 for both?

  • sliabh says:

    In that case you could have double the amount of ammunition.

    • Civ Def says:

      Grand, and would the gunner for those guns be able to dismount and revert to being, for example, a rifleman if the driver got shot?

      • sliabh says:

        If he is still alive yes. In some cases passengers die when the vehicle does.

        • Civ Def says:

          Ok, and final question, will the laws system be in place for this years game, and if not or if it fails at the last moment will a bb shower grenade destroy a vehicle too?
          Thanks very much and apologies for all the questions.

          • Mark says:

            The laws has been updated and we are working to have it functioning efficiently for the event. In the case that we have issues all vehicles will be considered armored and therefore will be immune to all small arms fire including grenade showers.

  • gibbsey says:

    a friend of mine has a semi auto m14 and wants to go as a civilian. would he be allowed to use it and have extra limitations like only have one mag or a very limited rof when useing it

    • Mark says:

      No. I’m afraid the rules are to be followed strictly by all players so we can’t make exceptions for one. Thanks.

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